The Bridge Season Two Opener: Grief and Death

*May Contain Spoilers*

The Bridge Season Two Opener: Grief and Death

The Bridge season two opener features grief and death. Grief from Marco Ruiz who is dealing with his son’s death and the loss of his family in one fell swoop. His El Paso partner Sonya Cross still grieves for her murdered sister although her way of dealing with this is to visit the brain damaged murderer in prison.

The premiere episode, titled Yankee picks up where the season finale left off. Steven Linder’s “intended” was found and as a result Marco now finds that his fellow police officers “south of the border” have become dangerous to work with and Sonya meets the brother of her sister’s terminally ill killer.

The show begins with creepily exact lawyer Monte P. Flagman (played with grim brilliance by country singer/songwriter Lyle Lovett) entering a house that is drenched with blood. There he discovers bodies, spent cartridges and a woman with a machete.

Flagman stops in front of a lifesize placard of real estate agent Chip and dial a number on his cell phone. An answering ring comes from behind him and as he turns, the show’s intro interrupts the action and a commercial break follows.

In the first few moments of The Bridge season two opener, it is apparent that the last season’s premise of death and dust, with a tinge of noir will continue. Later the audience sees just how the two dissimilar police partners handle their separate grief and the cases they are involved in.

During a raid on a suspected drug den, Marco has a fellow officer making ready to shoot him when they are disturbed by another policeman crashing into the scene. The DEA learn that the new prosecutor and his boss do not want any help from the U.S. government agency’s help. Things in Juarez are getting complicated it seems.

A woman and a man cross the border into Texas and it turns out that this “couple” are there to discover why all that cartel money was in the dead woman’s house and not in their coffers, like it was supposed to be (season one). They get into a red hybrid car that the man says is something that “pillow biters” would drive, which pretty much sums up his personality. This vehicle makes a surprising appearance later on.

Eva, whom Marco and Sonya saved last season is still staying with Hank. Unfortunately, it appears that the crooked Juarez cops who kidnapped her have tracked her down. Her safe haven with Lieutenant Wade has been effectively destroyed.

Sleaze Journalist Daniel Frye and his partner, Adriana Mendez are also back. Frye, it turns out, has stopped attending the AA meetings and he is now a “fully functioning alcoholic” who limits himself to two beers a day. He claims that the sessions bum him out and he does not need them anymore.

Daniel is also on the trail of Millie Quintana, the name left on the euro note Frye got in the mail last season. He gets a call from a source who seems to have the answer to who Millie was.

Sonya bumps into her sister’s killer’s brother again and the two bond and later have sex. In the meantime, the couple who have been sent to investigate the issue of the missing cartel money, learn that the problem began with the courier who confused the pick up dates.

Adriana tells her lover that she believes her sister is not kidnapped or missing, but dead. Daniel meets up with the two women tells his press partner what he has learned.

The Bridge season two opener does more than deal with grief and death, it also continues the story of Eva. Lieutenant Wade also reveals a bit more information on the mysterious Bob (played in a delightfully creepy yet sincere way by Napoleon Dynamite actor Jon Gries). Various plot threads continue to be followed and introduced in the slow burning and compelling border drama in season two. The Bridge airs on FX Wednesday nights.

By Michael Smith



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