‘The Strain’ Episode Three: Missing Bodies and Damage Control

'The Strain' Episode Three: Missing Bodies and Damage Control

'The Strain' Episode Three: Missing Bodies and Damage Control

Episode three of The Strain begins with Thomas Eichorst, The Master’s “mouthpiece” putting his face on; literally, it then goes on to discuss the missing bodies from the morgue and the CDC attempting damage control on the entire situation. This opening is quite impressive. The vampire, noseless, earless, and hairless puts on fake replacements and makeup to give himself a more human appearance and against a backdrop of classical music, the scene is almost mesmerizing.

Eph and his team, including his priggish boss Dr. Barnes, do not know where all the bodies have gone although Barnes suspects the military of taking them. The survivors continue to exhibit changes and Ansel Barbour discovers things that he chooses to ignore. Meanwhile Vasiliy Fet finds out that rat sightings are increasing and his first call of the day is a rat bite to the child of the mayor’s friend.

Dr. Goodweather and Nora rush to save Captain Redfern. Eph leaves to attend Zach’s custody hearing and Jim Kent meets with Eichorst at Stoneheart. Despite Kent’s attempt to stop aiding the company, the vampire makes him an offer he cannot refuse. His wife, who has cancer, will be allowed to enter the new medical trials that may just save her life.

Abraham Setrakian has his day in court, after his arrest, and passes himself off as a helpless old man. He promises the judge that his sword cane will be melted down and replaced with a non-lethal walking aid. Nora watches the case with interest and she approaches the pawnshop owner afterward. He knows that the bodies have gone and tells Nora that she and Eph are not ready yet to do what has to be done to stop The Master. He tells Dr. Martinez that all the corpses must be destroyed.

At the child custody hearing, Zach tells the court that he wants what is best for his dad. That turns out to be visitation rights one or two weekends a month with his mother having full-time custody. The boy explains that his father has a very important job. Eph is very upset and he lashes out at Kelly. She explains to him that their son only did what he thought was best for Eph.

Dr. Goodweather then goes to Mr Arnot’s house to investigate after the odd phone call where Arnot told the doctor that his dead daughter Emma had returned home. While in the house, Eph finds some personal things of the deceased girl and when Nora calls him he asks if these were released to the families. After Nora rings, he leaves the house and we see Emma peeking around a corner.

In episode three of The Strain Barnes’ damage control is left behind as well as the missing bodies and the remaining survivors become increasingly different. The special effects in the show are brilliant thus far and help to keep the plot moving on at a cracking pace. Any changes from the books and the show are minimal and are still not too distracting to existing fans. This week’s show gives the audience more of a look at Vasiliy Fet the exterminator who is aware that something is definitely not right in New York.

Fet deals with the wealthy man’s rat problem and when he leaves, the exterminator discovers that rats are leaving the underground sewers in droves. Jim Kent comes home and he finds that his wife has already been accepted into the drug trials. Barbour’s dog turns against him and in a shocking moment, he drinks blood from a glass Pyrex dish with his “new” tongue.

Rock star Gabriel Bolivar has his doctor make a housecall to help him out and the doctor recommends that he go to the hospital. Abraham has tracked down a list of the missing passengers on the plane. Redfern has gotten worse, which is why Norah rang Eph while he was at Arnot’s house. Using the UV light, the blood worms show up under the captain’s skin and Kelly sits looking at old pictures of her, Zach and Eph while she cries.

Bolivar loses something very personal and Redfern goes missing before his surgery. Kent, Eph and Nora split up to find the missing patient and they find the captain who immediately attacks the three of them with with some sort of “stinger” and Eph kills him with an extinguisher. The Strain episode three picks up the pace with all the bodies going missing and the CDC becoming more concerned with damage control instead of disease control. It looks as though next week Abraham may be paying a visit to the Arnot household. Special kudos need to be given to Kevin Durand with his portrayal as the exterminator Vasiliy Fet in The Strain he is, in a short time, becoming a favorite character in the show.

By Michael Smith