The Strain Episode Two: Fet Makes His Entrance and Palmer Meets the Master

*Contains Spoilers*

The Strain Episode Two: Fet Makes His Entrance and Palmer Meets the Master

In The Strain, episode two, the exterminator Vasiliy Fet makes his entrance on the series and Eldritch Palmer finally meets the Master. Thomas Eichorst, the lead vampire’s emissary, visits Abraham Setrakian while he is in jail. Gus drops off the big box, and the van it is in, but once the two begin moving and making noises, he leaves in a hurry.

Dr. Goodweather and Nora, along with Jim Kent discover that the box is missing from the airport and that the air traffic supervisor is dead. The Stoneheart Group under the guidance of Palmer provides enough “dis-information” to allow the four quarantined survivors to be released. Director Barnes countermands Eph’s orders to seal off the airport and the New York political machine has kicked the CDC off the “case.” Goodweather’s fears of a viral strain being responsible for the deaths on the plane are covered up with another “more palatable” cause of death.

One of the survivors, the co-pilot, turns out to be on Goodweather’s side and checks himself into the hospital for tests from one of Eph’s colleagues. The doctor and Nora discover that the worm they found likes blood; Fet closes down a restaurant because of rats and three of the survivors are experiencing the same symptoms, humming in the ears, redness of the eyes and the lawyer is bleeding from the mouth.

Palmer doesn’t want to get his liver transplant, but his devoted bodyguard Fitzwilliams talks him into having the operation “just in case.” In The Strain episode two, Fet’s entrance shows that, in terms of vermin, he is an expert and he will not back down when he is right and Palmer may be overconfident about his meeting with the Master.

Eph stops by Kelly’s house to see Zach and tell Matt, his soon-to-be ex wife’s partner, that he wants the man to make both his former spouse and his son happy. He tells his son that he is trying for joint-custody so that Zach can spend an equal amount of time with both his parents. Dr. Goodweather then attends his AA meeting, whom his sponsor believes that Eph was going to miss. At the meeting he reveals just how important his son is to him.

Gabriel Bolivar, another survivor, is having more symptoms than before and his four person orgy is interrupted when he bites one of his playmates on the neck. With blood dripping from his chin and leaving a trail across the floor, the rockstar throws out the three women and begins licking the blood from the floor.

The man whose daughter’s death upset him so much that he struck Goodweather at the press conference, calls Eph to apologize and he tells the doctor that his daughter has returned. Eph says that the man is disturbed and that they’ll see the young girl’s body at the morgue.

By the end of The Strain episode two, Eldritch Palmer realises that perhaps he should not have pressed so hard to meet the Master. It is also apparent from Fet’s entrance that he will soon be a huge part of the show and the little girl who came home to her father was more hungry than cold. This science fiction thriller looks to be picking up its pace quite nicely and next week’s preview seems to show things accelerating very quickly. Thus far, it is following the book rather well.

By Michael Smith



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