The Strand Prophecy The Winner Twins First Epic Win

The Strand Prophecy The Winner Twins First Epic Win

The Strand Prophecy The Winner Twins First Epic Win

The Strand Prophecy written by the Winner Twins Brittany and Brianna is the first “epic win” by these amazing young ladies who have taken the Young Adult/science fiction literary world by storm. The book was published back in 2006, when the girls were 12 years-old and when “self-publishing was not the big thing it is now.” This quote came from the twins’ panel on now to “create and publish” your book at the 2nd Annual Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con.

Since 2006 and the publishing of their first book in a trilogy about a hero who is struggling to save the world, the two young ladies have written a total of four novels, one of which was The Strand Prophecy. When the first book was made available to an enthusiastic world of readers, a year later, by which time Brittany and Brianna had reached the age of 13, the book was a best-seller.

The novel’s appearance on the nation’s best seller list and the book’s earning another eight awards granted the twins the title of America’s Youngest Multiple Award Winning Novelists.

The identical twins were born prematurely, 11 weeks early, and their health was pretty fragile when they were younger. Due to these problems the girls developed a love of storytelling.

The two girls were introduced to science fiction through a variety of mediums by their parents. When they were in grade school the twins discovered that they were dyslexic and dysgraphic. Since they loved to tell stories, their father urged them to overcome their learning difficulties and write their own tale.

This was the birth of The Strand Prophecy and the book was written over nine months at the end of which they self-published. After winning all those awards, the book was available in every Barnes and Noble branch across the country. Their first royalty check went towards helping other children with learning difficulties by creating an organization called Motivate 2 Learn, a nonprofit charity.

All of this before the age of 18. These hard working young ladies attend comic cons and interact with their fans constantly. They are personable, approachable and very nice on top of being extremely talented. Proof of that talent is evident when one reads their stories, including their first novel.

The book itself is a fast read, one that that the reader feels compelled to finish as quickly as possible. A very good sign for any book, let alone a first effort. The action is fast paced, never boring and a lot of the scenarios in the story are quite frightening. There is a cannibal type tribe that will make the reader shudder.

The Strand Prophecy has a protagonist who has discovered that creatures on Earth undergo evolution at a much faster and erratic rate than originally thought. The world, according to Steve Cutter, is currently going through just such a rapid period of change. One that will not only affect people and their abilities, but other creatures as well.

Cutter, who owns a scientific research company that is far ahead of the U.S. government’s resources, attempts to warn the President of the United States as his “alter-ego” Strand. The warning is not heeded and Cutter, along with his very good friend, his niece and an increasing team of “good guys” race to help keep the innocent casualties down to a minimum.

While The Strand Prophecy is aimed at the Young Adult market, the book can be enjoyed by any age reader. This epic win by the Winner Twins is brilliant and would make a great television series or film for the big screen. Out of five stars, this book earns a definite full five star rating. On a sidenote, the twins are already working on a film adaptation of one of their books, PCT (Perfect Compatibility Test). Do not hesitate to read these delightful author’s books.

The Strand Prophecy The Winner Twins First Epic Win
The Winner Twins at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2014.

By Michael Smith


The Strand Prophecy