Toronto Film Festival Returns This Fall

Toronto Film Festival

The recent news has been announced that the annual Toronto Film Festival returns for its thirty-ninth year this fall. The festival is a yearly event that gives the entertainment industry a look at which films from around the world will be up for picks when awards season arrives. It is also an opportunity for Hollywood actors to show off their talents or make their debut as film directors. The celebrity lineup this year looks to be a genuine elite of Hollywood’s big-timers.

In an announcement made on July 22, 2014, the scheduled list of attendees for the event will include Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carrell and Robert Downey Jr.  The newly-coming directors include comedian Chris Rock and television personality Jon Stewart. Rock’s film, titled Top Five, is the story of a comedian turned movie star, and Stewart’s picture, titled Rosewater, is the true story of the imprisonment of an Iranian journalist named Maziar Bahari.

The Toronto Film Festival was founded in 1976 at the Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto, Canada and was originally called The Festival of Festivals. Starting out as a collection of the best films from various countries that had been premiered at other festivals, its first attendees were counted at over thirty-five thousand. In the beginning, however, Hollywood movie studios did not submit their features to the festival due to beliefs that Toronto audiences would not respond well to them. As the years went on, the event continued its venture of hosting the best films from around the world. Through continued investment and promotion by its organizers and sponsors, the festival has become a key aspect of Hollywood’s marketing strategy.

It is at this very festival that various Academy Award-winning films got their buzz started. Two of the recent films include Argo and 12 Years a Slave. The total number of films reported to be premiered this year is nearly 300. In addition, there will be over 50 galas and presentations.

While the festival coordinators have not yet announced what the opening movie will be, news broke that the closing film will be A Little Chaos, directed by and starring British actor Alan Rickman with Kate Winslet and Stanley Tucci. Already, the Toronto Film Festival returns with an impressive lineup that is sure to build great anticipation this fall. Other notables consist of two films for Witherspoon, Wild and The Good Lie, two for Al Pacino, Manglehorn and The Humbling, and various other films such as Cake, starring Jennifer Aniston, and Miss Julie with Jessica Chastain.

While this event will already have a large variety of movies, there are several others that will be making their debut at other film festivals. However, it should be noted that two of the biggest features from last May’s Cannes Film Festival will be shown at Toronto. These are Bennett Miller’s Foxcatcher and Mike Leigh’s Mr. Turner.

For actor and director Alan Rickman, having his film, A Little Chaos, making its debut in Toronto is a great privilege and is also like a homecoming party. The actor has been to the city numerous times for leisure as well as for acting on location. His feature is a historical drama set in the time period of French King Louis XIV. Actress Kate Winslet plays a designer, while Rickman takes the role of the Sun King himself.

The Toronto Film festival returns this fall on September 4, 2014 and will continue until September 14. Very soon after, a select few of the films being presented will be receiving public buzz about possibly landing Golden Globe and Academy Awards. For most people in the movie industry, the festival is the chance to get awards candidates selected. For others, it is the chance for actors to expand their talent.

By Andrew Cerecedes

Toronto Sun

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