Ukraine Rebels Cease Hold on the City of Sloviansk After 10 Day Stand-Off


Ukraine rebels cease their hold on the city of Sloviansk on July 04, after a 10 day stand-off with government security forces. The blockade was set up by rebels of the self-proclaimed Donetsk Republican People, (DRP). Prior to the 10 day stand-off, the Ukraine government had tried to thwart a takeover by the DRP for 3 months. Sources said DRP commander Igor Strelkov put up a strong counter strategy against the Ukraine police authorities.

Sources said Strelkov and his posse “suffered losses and surrendered” the town of Sloviansk and was last witnessed heading towards Kramatorsk city early Saturday morning. Special reports indicate that the rebel army had increased their numbers and fighting against the government all across the State of Ukraine.

The violence and chaos that spread throughout the Ukraine began in November 2013, when President Viktor Yanuvych was ousted by the military. Students made public protests to President Yanuvych’s rejection to the European Union integration proposal, and it sparked the beginning of the revolutionary war between the government and the DRP that lasted almost eight months.

Ukraine rebels cease their hold on the city of Sloviansk after a 10 day stand-off, although critics are wary that the war is not over. The new President, Petro Poroshenko ordered soldiers to raise the Ukraine flag over the city council buildings in Sloviansk shortly after the ceasefire. Newly installed President Poroshenko told international sources that he will make all the necessary steps to maintain the ceasefire as long as the DRP rebels abide by the agreement.

Although Ukraine is a state on the continent of Europe, it is in very close proximity with Russia, and several of Ukraine’s cities borderline with Russia. Sloviansk is not a border town to Russia, but it is located in the eastern district of Ukraine state that borderlines with Russia.

The DRP are a Pro-Russian group of rebels that centralized recently after many people started disputing deposed Yanuvych’s alliance with Russia and his declining of a new deal with the European Union. Deposed of Yanuvych position has been replaced by President Poroshenko, who plans to meet the arrangements made by the European Union. The Rebel separatists, DRP, formed and were fighting against the current office of the Ukraine presidency.

Before the violence ended last Saturday, DRP rebel separatists had moved across the Ukraine interior building ranks and creating riots and chaos. Ukraine military officers had tried to surround the rebels and block off their access to move around, since the first attack took place on the capital city, Kiev.

One of the largest countries in Eastern Europe, the Ukraine crisis has caused a lot of international concern. Many people are relieved the Ukraine rebels cease their hold on the eastern city of Sloviansk after the 10 day stand-off. Officials from France, Germany, U.S.A., and Russia have all contacted President Poroshenko and offered help in providing diplomatic solutions. Now that the situation is quelled, the Ukraine will begin to salvage its war-torn regions, and its negotiations with the European Union.

By Kimakra Nealy

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