Under the Dome Episode Three: New Time Religion (Recap/Review)

*May Contain Spoilers*

Under the Dome Episode Three: New Time Religion (Recap/Review)

Episode three of Under the Dome features blood rain that fosters a type of new time religion. It also spawns some less than flattering behaviour by the local school marm, aka the high school science teacher. When the show first started, Big Jim Rennie was the power tripping member of Chester’s Mill. Now Rebecca Pine reveals a personality that could be best described as “Hitler-ish.”

The mysterious man in last week’s preview, country singer Dwight Yoakam, turns out to be Lyle, the town barber who used to date Big Jim’s wife Polly. Before learning who Lyle is and his connection with Rennie senior, Barbie catches the new girl going through his things and he is not too pleased.

Meeting Lyle, gives Big Jim a chance to reveal that he is smitten with the science teacher. Then it is off to the Sweet Briar eatery to do the town consensus. Joe and Norrie have doubts about their little special group now that one of the chosen four, Angie, has died. It also becomes obvious that Joe is smitten with the new girl and Julia is not enamoured of Ms. Pine’s enthusiastic “take charge” attitude.

Junior still believes he may have killed Angie and his uncle reveals that the blackout that the younger Rennie went through runs in the family. After leaving his uncle Sam Verdreaux, Junior heads back to the high school to see if he can remember anything about his blackout. At the Sweet Briar, Lyle notices that it is raining blood.

Unfortunately, the appearance of the “blood” rain, sets in motion a new time religion within Lyle, who earlier felt the day was going to be “auspicious.” Under the Dome with it’s biblical weather, causes Lyle to believe that the covering has caused this painful precipitation to weed out the “unrighteous.”

Joe, Melanie and a very unhappy Norrie bump into Junior at the high school. Rebecca and Big Jim talk philosophy and Rennie reveals that despite his all new personality, he still feels it is all about him. After losing control of the car, caused by a cloaked figure standing in the road, Rennie is dragged out of the vehicle and left in the burning rain. The mysterious figure then drives off with the science teacher.

Back at the high school, Joe turns on his tablet and finds that he has email. A nice Stephen King reference is made here when Norrie notices that @houndsofDiana is all over Twitter. In the short story Mrs. Todd’s Shortcut the lady in the story is likened to Diana of myth by the narrator of the tale.

The mysterious stranger who dragged Big Jim out of the car and drove off with Rebecca turns out to be Lyle. The spiritually awakened town barber ties the school teacher up and then explains what he believes controls the rain and the fate of Chester’s Mill.

By the end of the show, Rebecca’s been baptized with blood water, Junior talks to his mother, Norrie goes off on mystery girl and Sam, Big Jim’s brother-in-law, reveals just how he feels about his late sister’s husband.

Before the credits roll at the end of episode three of Under the Dome it is still apparent that Lyle and his new time religion beliefs have not changed. The audience learns that Sam and Lyle have a background that goes back way before the appearance of the dome. It is also pretty clear that Rebecca Pine, apart from being supportive of Big Jim, is pretty cold blooded. Plus mystery girl’s identity is revealed at last. Next week looks to provide more answers and questions about what is going on Under the Dome.

By Michael Smith




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