Under the Dome Infestation Barbie Saves the Day (Recap/Review)

*May Contain Spoilers*

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Under the Dome Infestation Barbie Saves the Day (Recap/Review)

Under the Dome and its second episode Infestation had Barbie saving the day again and Angie finally exiting Chester’s Mill. The show seems to be struggling a little bit this season with viewer numbers declining, which seems to indicate that stretching the show into more than one season was a mistake.

Although it may have more to do with the competition that airs at the same time. Reality television seems to have enough pull to lower the show’s audience by around four million so far.

Diminishing audience numbers aside, Under the Dome continues to pile on the questions and mysteries of what the inclosure wants, or needs, and what the inhabitants of the town are up to. For instance, who killed Angie?

If the TV program had not decided to deviate wildly from Stephen King’s book, with his blessing apparently, Angie would have died right off the bat. As Junior was the instrument of the girl’s death in the novel, the series creators may just decide to have him be the cause of her death on the show.

Or not.

Looking at previews of next week’s episode, yet another new character has shown up in the Mill. Since the first glimpse the audience get of this new denizen shows him to be wringing wet, he obviously got to town via the lake, just like the girl first accused of Angie’s murder.

It has already been surmised, by Julia and her assistant (another new citizen), that a fairly big man had to have killed Angie. This news combined with the fact that the girl “got a bit” of her killer under her fingernails means that the suspect should have a “mark of Cain” on him.

Leaving the mystery of Angie’s death-by-axe to the side, there are also butterflies in the process of eating all the food in Under the Dome. Infestation puts Big Jim Rennie and Dale Barbara together as a team for a change and allows Barbie to save the day. Amazingly, Big Jim is not upset that he did not get to be the populace’s saviour.

Of course Rennie senior had an epiphany moment in episode one and this has changed him, apparently, for the better. It seems that the shady town leader is attempting redemption on a small scale. He even goes so far as to invite Norrie, Joe and Angie over to his house for a “sleep over.” Unfortunately Angie could not make it…

Junior, since learning that his father was responsible for more than one unexplained death in the town, has turned against Big Jim. He could be a suspect but as the younger Rennie in the TV adaptation is a bit “odd” he is nowhere near as damaged as his literary beginnings dictate. With no brain tumor in evidence here, it is unlikely that he dispatched Angie at the high school.

After ascertaining that the newest member of Chester’s Mill did not kill Angie, meaning the girl in the lake and not Stephen King who asked for a refill of coffee from the now dead girl in last weeks episode, the town bury their latest fatality. Big Jim gives a speech about togetherness and shows his “new” side to an adoring public.

Infestation, the season two episode of Under the Dome finally dealt with the death of Angie. As well as a potential food disaster caused by butterfly eggs, eventual starvation by the remaining population of the Mill and Barbie saving the day. It will be interesting to see just how much longer the series can continue to draw in new viewers as well as introduce new characters. The show airs on Mondays on CBS.

By Michael Smith