Vladimir Putin Signed Agreements in Cuba Furthering His Commitments

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin recently signed many agreements with President Raul Castro, which furthered his commitment to sustain the current trade policies in Cuba. Last Friday Vladimir Putin, Russia’s fourth president began his travels around the globe with a main focus on trade capitalization in Latin America.

President Putin described the mission as a quest to seek commercialized trade improvements and diplomacy within, as well as outside of the European continent. While the exact agenda for each location has not been disclosed, President Putin has been observed as making positive relationships with leaders of the Latin countries he visited so far.

President Putin started off the six day tour by visiting Cuba. President Putin met with reformed communist dictator Fidel Castro and President Raul Castro in the capital Havana. Aside from having a long history of international trade agreements with Russia, Cuba has been a longtime political alliance with Russia far before President Putin ever came into power.

Cuba, while under the former dictatorship of Fidel Castro, had been a communist country since the early 60s. However, since then the new President Castro has suspended most of Cuba’s strict communist doctrines and released hundreds of Cubans prisoners. Cuba has also allowed its Cuban exiles to return without being criminally charged.

President Putin held up his country’s part of the deal and signed new agreements in Cuba furthering their commitments as long time allies. Almost all of the arrangements made by President Putin will benefit the welfare of Cuba. After hearing certain issues, President Putin amended some agreements that would help elevate the health and financial status of Cuba.

Sources said that during the meeting with President Putin, President Castro voiced the steps he and his administration had taken to bring solidarity and unification to their country. He stated that the people of Cuba are very satisfied with the progressive political stages demonstrated by the Cuban government.

During the Cold War in Russia, Cuba was a main supporter of the Soviet, and more recently when they had a conflict with the west over Ukraine. At that time, Russia had breached a U.S. sanction agreement and occupied Crimea.

On Friday President Putin discussed his plans to broaden the oil industries in Cuba and also build offshore receiving ports to assist in the maritime modernization of Cuba. President Castro said the new offshore structure will keep the country economically stable because the exploration of oil deposits relieves the government from consuming expensive imports and tax tariffs on petroleum from other countries.

Sources also said during the meeting President Putin spoke about cancelling more than 90 percent of Cuba’s debt over the few years. He said the debts totaling 35 million were procurements from the Soviet-era and would no longer need to be satisfied, while the remaining balance would be spent on education in Cuba.

Moreover, President Putin signed agreements with Cuba to further his commitment of energy, health, industry and disaster prevention deals that were already in place.  President Putin also talked about constructing a new airport in Cuba that would accommodate vast amounts of cargo from commercialized industries at a much larger capacity.

By Kimakra Nealy

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