Ariana Grande and Big Sean: Are They a Couple?

Ariana Grande
Although nothing has been confirmed, pop singer Ariana Grande and rapper Big Sean have been pretty close lately, prompting rumors that they are a couple. During her recent appearance with Matt Lauer on The Today Show, the shy 21-year-old tried her best to dodge questions revolving around her love life. “You guys are putting me on the spot right now,” she blushed, before finally answering, “Let’s just say I am happy.” The two of them were seen holding hands together at the MTV Awards backstage on Sunday, leading many to believe they were an official couple.

Rumors have been flying around for weeks after they spent time collaborating together on songs such as, My Everything, Right There, Problem, and Best Mistake, the latter of which is on the starlet’s upcoming album. An acquaintance of Grande’s, who remained nameless, recently spoke to reporters of Us Weekly, and expressed what she has been observing between the two artists over the past month. “There is definitely tons of chemistry, as most people have heard in their collaborations, which is pretty much how they started getting close.”

Grande and Big Sean have experienced tabloid pressure this week in regards to if they are or are not a couple, but it appears that the two collaborators may be taking their time. The rap star’s rep did give a statement regarding calling off his wedding engagement back in April. Big Sean’s rep shared with Us Weekly only weeks after the announcement, “After deep thought and consideration, the difficult decision was made by Sean to call off the wedding. Sean would like to wish Naya all the best in her future projects, and it is his hope that the two of them can continue to communicate through the issues they have had privately. That is all that we will be commenting on the matter.”

Grande, who also broke up with former boyfriend Jai Brooks for the second time, appears to be in a good space as she shared this comment with her 17 million twitter followers, “You can learn so much about love, the life you live, and the close ones around you during times of crisis.” Many people believe the reflective tweet was a reference to the recent passing of her grandfather. She ended the message with, “I just want to sincerely thank everyone who was here for me during the time that I needed them, meaning more than the ones who were not.” Fans of Grande also speculated that the last part of the message could have been directed at Brooks, who a source shared with E! Online, “was not there for her during the hard time of her Grandfather’s death.”

The 21-year-old dimpled hit maker, who earned an award for the Best Pop Video at the MTV Video Music Awards, remained tight-lipped even during her interview with Ryan Seacrest. “What can I say, I mean, curiosity kills the cat right,” she laughed, “But honestly though, I don’t really know what I should say. Why are you putting me through this, Ryan?” she blushed, before confiding in Seacrest. “I will tell you what, when we are no longer on the radio, I will share with you. Because we have a trust, y’know. We’ve known each other for a quite a while. I cannot say the same for all the millions of folks who are listening right now,” she laughed. Although they have reportedly began as just friends, Grande and Big Sean are now entering the duel celebrity limelight, which has focused in on a couple of stars.

By Theodore Borders

International Business Times
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