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Ariana Grande, Jesse J and Nicki Minaj Viral Video


Ariana Grande, Jesse J and Nicki Minaj Viral Video

Jesse J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj performed their hit Bang Bang at the VMAs and then released its new video, which has quickly gone viral. MTV aired the video exclusively Sunday night but this morning it is sweeping the internet with millions of views. Although it may be hard for the trio to become more famous after last night’s success, the video will help launch them farther into super stardom.

It is hard to believe that the song Bang Bang was only released on July 29 because it became an instant hit and the sound of summer 2014. The albums which contain the hit single have not yet been released. The song is featured on Jesse J’s album Sweet Talker which will be released through Lava Records and Republic Records on Oct. 10. The song will also be found on Ariana Grande’s My Everything – but only the deluxe edition with bonus tracks which is due to be released Aug. 25. There is no confirmation that the song will be part of Nicki Minaj’s next album, Pinkprint due to be released sometime in 2014.

Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj and Jesse J. opened MTV’s Video Music Awards ceremony Sunday night with a medley of their songs and now the video they released has gone viral. First, Ariana Grande stepped out of a spaceship in a sparkling bodysuit and thigh high boots to belt out her hit Break Free. Then Nicki Minaj appeared in a two piece green outfit with a fierce rendition of Anaconda. Finally, Jesse J took the stage and launched her hit Bang Bang. The trio got the crowd dancing with their beat-heavy song. The only problem was Minaj’s wardrobe malfunction. Although Grande had plenty of time for a quick outfit change aboard her spaceship, Minaj was not so lucky. Or was she? Her unzipped state has garnered as much media attention as the performance itself.

After the VMA’s, MTV exclusively released the much anticipated video for Bang Bang. The video does not disappoint fans. It starts off big with a sunlit, sepia bird’s eye view of New York City and its freeways. As the footage moves to street level, Jesse J arrives in a vintage pink Mustang and starts a party. It seems the other girls on the street have been waiting her arrival and as she starts to sing and dance they join in. Meanwhile, Ariana Grande is shown getting ready to attend the party with her own entourage. She is filmed putting on makeup and dancing on a bed in a place more reminiscent of a disco than a bedroom. The party grows as the sun sets. Then Nicki Minaj’s helicopter lands on a rooftop. She exits in a leopard print skirt and delivers her signature rapping. The party moves up to the helipad – all girls now in different outfits suitable for a night of clubbing. They proceed to blend vocals flawlessly and get down on the rooftop for the rest of the song.

The song Bang Bang is certainly catchy, whether one agrees with the bold lyrics or not. It mixes pop, R&B and hip hop as it blends styles from the three artists. The song was received well by both critics and fans and debuted at number six on the Billboard Hot 100 list. It currently sits at number 10 on Billboard’s current list of the most popular songs. That position is set to rise as millions view the new viral video.

Jesse J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj performed their hit Bang Bang at the VMAs and then MTV released the new viral video. The trio had a stellar night as music fans across America were delighted with the performance. Some fans feel that the video captures the bouncy essence of the song and displays how sexuality can be used to expand girl power and not to be simply raunchy. Hopefully Miley Cyrus was taking notes.

By: Rebecca Savastio



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