Australian Vacation: Travel Around in Comfort [Videos]

Australian vacation

Australia is a vast continent country with many and varied interesting locations to visit on vacation, but despite the distances involved, a person can still travel around in relative comfort.

From the dry and rocky deserts to the endless beaches surrounding this nation, there is a plethora of exciting Australian vacation destinations to choose from. While many choose the exciting and cosmopolitan cities of Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne, others might prefer to go a little off the beaten tourist track and get out into the outback or head to the beach.

While flights are available between the various major cities, there are other affordable options available to travel around Australia with examples included here.

For the backpacker or hiker, it is possible to buy bus passes and travel the continent on a Hop-on Hop-off basis with Greyhound Australia. This is a great way to see the sights in comfort without breaking the bank while on an Australian vacation.

Australian vacation
Rail travel in Australia

What better way is there to travel across this massive land than by train. With Rail Australia it is an option to take it easy and even make the journey into a mini-vacation of its own. All the long-distance trains offer dining cars and bars where new friends can be made, along with comfortable reclining seats to take it easy with a good book at the scenery rushes by.

Ausrail passes are available at reasonable prices and can be used for a 14 day travel period, or there are options from one, three or six months of unlimited travel on the rails. Not a bad way at all to enjoy a vacation in Australia and travel in comfort.

Yet another great way get around on an Australian vacation is to hire a campervan. With this option there are no strict schedules to keep and a tourist can take their time, choosing which locations to visit and when. This independence also saves money on buying meals along the way, as the campervans come fully equipped for cooking. With the latest in GPS technology, this is probably one of the best ways to go.

Having an idea of some of the ways to get around, here are a just a couple of the interesting destinations to choose from when enjoying an Australian vacation.

Australian vacation
Uluru, or Ayers Rock, in Australia

Among the definite must-see sights is Uluru, which is more commonly known as Ayers Rock. An iconic shape when viewed on the horizon, this sandstone rock is sacred to one of Australia’s original Aboriginal tribes, the Anangu.

While it is possible for tourists to climb to the top of Ayers Rock, they are requested kindly by the Anangu to try and avoid this due to its spiritual significance to them of this place.

To be a little more exact, Ayers Rock (pictured above and right) is located in the southern area of the Northern Territory of central Australia. The closest large city is Alice Springs, which is 280 miles away by road.  A video giving more information about Ayers Rock is included below.

For those preferring to spend their Australian vacation in more coastal climes, one of the best locations to visit is the Great Barrier Reef. The reef is popular with snorkelers, scuba divers and fishermen alike with its crystal clear water and amazing sea life.

Australian vacation
Satellite view of the Great Barrier Reef
Australian vacation
Clown fish swimming in the Great Barrier Reef

Located just off the coast in Cairns, Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef is one of Australia’s most highly-protected treasures with its many species of fish and other sea creatures.

In total, this area consists of 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands and the overall area covered is around 133,000 square miles.

The video included below gives an introduction into this fascinating location.

Future articles will be looking at other areas in the country so watch this space.

Suffice to say, for an exciting Australian vacation, this all around great destination is easy to travel in both comfort and affordability.

By Anne Sewell


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