Beyonce Talks to Gwyneth Paltrow for Divorce Tips


It seems Beyonce really is looking to divorce rapper husband Jay Z, as she is reportedly talking to Gwyneth Paltrow about tips. Rumors are that the former Destiny’s Child front woman will split from her husband in the fall after their On the Run tour has finished.

The last few months have not been easy for the 32-year-old singer. The initial reports that there was trouble in paradise hit after the May elevator incident between sister Solange Knowles and Jay Z. Beyonce stood by while Knowles attacked her brother-in-law allegedly over his womanizing ways. The family has still not shared their story of the incident, and continue to share photos that make them look like they are happy together.

However, more and more rumors have surrounded their love life, with divorce being on the cards since the elevator incident. While many fans have hoped and prayed that it was not true, it is becoming more and more likely. Jay Z and his wife have reportedly been through couples counselling but it does not seem to be working. Now they are looking for an amicable split.

Who better to turn to advice than Paltrow? The actress split from Coldplay husband Chris Martin in March, famously using the term “conscious uncoupling” on her Goop website. While she received some humorous remarks about her choice of words, it has certainly seemed to be a successful amicable split. The two are still friends and are continuing to raise their children, Apple and Moses, together.

It makes sense for Beyonce to talk to Paltrow and ask for divorce tips. While there are rumors of Jay Z cheating, there is no reason for him not to see his daughter or have a part in her upbringing. The Crazy In Love singer also seems to want him to be a part of their lives. They do have a very good business relationship, but marriage just no longer seems right for them.

According to a source close to the couple, Beyonce has already filed for divorce. She has made it clear that she wants out of this marriage and has even reportedly started looking for an apartment just for her and daughter Blue Ivy. The two have not confirmed these rumors, but if they are true they may be waiting for the end of their tour. They will not want venues backing out and disappointing fans when their tour will come to an end in a month’s time.

The tour was thought to be a make-it-or-break-it tour for the couple’s relationship. It was a chance to see if the marriage could work, and Beyonce has reportedly been back and forth about whether to end it. It seems she has finally come to a decision after getting fed up of all the cheating rumors going around.

It is very likely that if the split does happen, it will be very similar to the way Paltrow and Martin split. The Survivor singer and her husband will likely be spotted together the day after the announcement, similar to the way that Paltrow was spotted vacationing with Martin the day after their announcement. This will likely be to show that all is amicable during the split and will be one of the divorce tips that Beyonce takes from Paltrow during their talks.

By Alexandria Ingham


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