Birth Announcement Goes Viral [Video]

BirthThere are many ways to announce the pending birth of a new baby, and most rely on creative imagery through photographs. However, when the public meets the McGillicuddys they will see the one that tops them all and went viral as well. Some of the most popular ways to let friends and family know that a pregnancy is imminent, is through a cleverly staged photo. Some of the most popular are having the parents-to-be posing by a “Bump Ahead” sign or by pulling a bun out of the oven. Still other prospective parents take it up a notch by using humor, and these are usually from the families that already have at least one child. A memorable pose is one of dad smiling broadly, holding an existing child with a sign that says “We’re Pregnant” with the due date; in the background is the mom on her knee’s over a toilet. Very cute indeed, as are the more common, ribbons on the belly and simply holding a sign stating the good news.

Many have seen the marriage proposal video’s, and have shed a tear at how thoughtful and heartwarming the men can be when they choose a method by which to propose to the woman of their dreams. Once these video’s hit the web, it was not long after, that they could be found in the hundreds, thus making it the rule and not the exception. With today’s technology it seems that anyone with an announcement who wants to take it to the next level, have not only the good news they are sharing, but a viral video as well. It is getting harder to be creative outside of the normal web search, which will take the inquiry of creative announcements to thousands of sites.

There are many ways to surprise loved ones with the news of a new arrival, and a video was the choice of one soon to be set of parents. The McGillicuddys created a very inventive and unique video, that once it was shared with friends and relatives, popped up on YouTube. This could well be the new standard by which many will want to share the news. It is adorable and fun to watch, and it is sure that this couple’s families probably did not have a clue what was coming until the very end.

Going viral with a birth announcement is going to require a lot of imagination if one wants to keep up with the McGillicuddys. The video appears to be an advertisement for a major soft drink, and the interaction and editing in this short clip is just amazing to watch. Using the #ShareaCoke ad campaign, this young couple made a hilarious video that is certain to win, if this campaign even has a winner.

Using a humorous video as a birth announcement is what many are calling genius. With all things that are entertaining to some, are a venue to gripe and complain to others, and this cute film is no exception. Comments range from, stating that the young mom got pregnant and diabetes from the same video, to others complaining that it is a bad thing for children to see, as they are promoting glutinous behavior when it comes to consuming sugary beverages. Still others will point out the flaws in the thinking of the nay-sayers, while the masses just take it for what it is, an entertaining birth announcement, that just happened to go viral. It seems clear that this is meant only to bring a smile to those that view it, and happiness to those it affects.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska

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