Britney Spears Lip-Synching Again?

Britney Spears

Old habits die hard it seems, as Britney Spears has possibly been caught lip-synching again. This time it is on her Las Vegas tour Piece of Me when she shared her new single Perfume. The 32-year-old singer was caught out when writer Sia’s vocals were heard instead of her own.

The two-year Las Vegas residency show has been one of the most successful shows seen in the city. It has been so successful that Spears was asked to extend her contract by another year, and various stars have been to watch her perform. Despite her background for lip-synching, fans continually turn up and support her.

According to Cosmopolitan, it is possible that the Toxic singer can make her voice sound like Sia’s. However, it is very likely that she uses the original track as a guide to help her sing. The music is only supposed to be heard through her own earphones and then she sings over the top. It is almost like karaoke without the rest of the house hearing the backing track.

Unfortunately, it was karaoke this time. The audience heard the backing track and every now and then would have heard Spears’ voice over the microphone. However, the singer continued the show rather than throwing a fit that the audio had gone wrong. It showed her professionalism in that regard.

The question about whether the singer would perform live came up when her residency in the prestigious city was first announced. According to manager Larry Rudolph the plan was always that she would sing live. Vocal coaches were working with her to make sure she was ready for the performances.

So, what about now that it appears Spears in lip-synching again? While her manager is yet to speak about it, in the previous interview he did say that there would be backing music in her ear-piece. She would be dancing as well as singing, so the backing music with singing would help her remain on time and in key. Lip-synching was never going to be an issue and would never happen.

There is nothing wrong with having the music playing in her own ear-pieces. Surely it shows her commitment to offering the best performance possible for her fans and those paying hundreds of dollars for the tickets. As the performance goes on, the Hit Me Baby One More Time singer would need some help to keep her in tune and on track.

The issue has been with whoever did the music for the show. Someone pressed the wrong button and ended up with Spears’ sound being shared with the audience.

This is not the first ever Las Vegas performance for the star. If it was, then there would be cause for concern. As it is right now, it is clear that there was a malfunction somewhere and the 32-year-old had to continue with her singing the best she could. The downside is that nobody has apologized at the time of writing this or explained the problem. Nobody has yet confirmed whether Spears has been lip-synching in all her performances or whether this was just a simple sound mistake.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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