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Celebrity news has everything fans want to know about the stars, all in one place. First up, are Beyonce and Jay Z having marital problems? Everyone is talking about it and wants to know what is really going on. Reports are wide and varying, from stating that they are staying in separate hotels, to reports of nothing is wrong, as proven by their pictures on Instagram. Their current concert tour ends each night with a medley of their private photo’s showcasing them and their family. It is anyone’s guess whether they are really in trouble or if they are just exploiting the media’s perception of their relationship, and getting tons of free public relations (PR).

celebrity An all-star party was held in Ibiza for fashion designer Riccardo Tisci’s birthday bash and it has the media talking. Seemingly all of Hollywood was there, and every celebrity too, except Beyonce and Jay Z. Paris Hilton made an appearance and tweeted out a photo of herself and Kim Kardashian. The two who were one time besties, are seen reminiscing about the good old days. Why is this note worthy? The two were good friends for years, and then, they stopped hanging out and have now been feuding for years. When stars have a falling out, the world wants to know why. Kim started out as Paris’ assistant, and the falling out seems to have been over the fame that Kim has gained for herself. Whatever their issues were, it seems that they can remain friends, just not best friends. Paris seems to go through best friends faster than some people go through clothes. Tara Reid, Nicole Richie, and Kim Kardashian are just a few of the people who got unfriended by Paris.

Guardians of the Universe is number one at the box office, grossing over 90 million dollars, which is nearly double the estimated gross, and bumping Lucy to number two. It is said to be funny and exciting for viewers of all ages and is getting rave reviews. Whatever it is, it is attracting fans by the thousands to theaters. With all the celebrities that are in this film, one cannot blame them.

celebrity Justin Beiber posted a picture of himself with Kris Jenner, with the caption, “Kendall, Kylie, Who’s your Daddy?” Reports are that Bruce Jenner was not too happy about the caption, even though the picture was innocent enough. Bieber and Jenner took this picture at the huge Ibiza party, where a number of today’s elite have pictures that have been surfacing–some great and others not so flattering.

Celebrity news is not exclusive to musicians and actors, as evidenced by Michael Strahan, former football player-turned-talk show host. Strahan got a slap in the face at his induction into the Hall of Fame via fiance’ Nicole Murphy’s announcement of their broken engagement. Reportedly, the dissolution of the couple’s status came out simultaneously with Strahan’s Hall of Fame moment. There is much speculation on who leaked the news and why was it leaked on this most important of days for the football pro. Admittedly, the couple has been on-again, off-again for the 5 years that they had been engaged. However, could the end be so bitter that the lovely Murphy could stoop so low as to leak this information on this particular day? The world may never know.

celebrity Chris Brown is in the news over his latest bitter break up with Karrueche Tran, where it is becoming a game of he said/she said. Initial reports were that Tran broke up with Brown because he is still hung up on Rhianna. Now, Brown’s camp is stating that Tran is an opportunist and used their relationship to promote her clothing line. Along with that, it is reported that she was found to be texting and calling other guys during her brief relationship with Brown.

American Idol contestant Michael Johns was found in full cardiac arrest at the home of one of his friends. Although it was shown that he was drinking, it is not known if that was a contributing factor. Johns was said to have sprained his ankle and it was swollen to his knee before he sought out medical help. Speculation is that pain medication plus alcohol may have taken this young man’s life. Celebrity news is not limited to the living, and unfortunately, from time to time, the gossip is terribly sad.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska

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