Chris Martin’s Relationship With Jennifer Lawrence Catches Fire

Jennifer Lawrence

Gwyneth Paltrow’s ex, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, 37, is reportedly in a new romantic relationship with none other than actress Jennifer Lawrence, who has split from her ex, X-Men co-star Nicholas Hoult. Lawrence, 24, is 13 years Martin’s junior, but the couple seem to be quite happy despite their age difference. Their passion for each other has, apparently, caught fire, so to speak.

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin have been dating each other since June, according to a report in Hollywood Life. They began seeing each other about three months after Chris Martin broke up with Gwyneth “conscious uncoupling” Paltrow in March.

Chris Martin no longer has to worry about sticking to an entirely vegetarian diet, as Jennifer Lawrence enjoys meat in almost all its forms, ranging from the meaty beef jerky-type snacks, Slim Jims, to delicious cheeseburgers. Soy beans have a definite place in the world, but now, they do not have to occupy a place on Chris Martin’s dinner plate.

Although Martin and Paltrow broke up in March, according to E!, they still lived together in their Brentwood, Calif. home until June. They are still, reportedly, on amicable terms with each other, though Chris Martin has moved on. It is unknown at this time if Martin ever brought JLaw into the house while Paltrow was still living there. If so, it must have made for some very awkward moments.

Gywneth Paltrow fans, no worries, as Paltrow has also moved on, according to a report in Us Weekly, and is currently dating the creator of Glee, Brad Palchuk. Martin and Jennifer Lawrence will still see each other, if for no other reason than for visitation rights. They have two children together, nine-year-old Apple and seven-year-old Moses.

A source who spoke to believes that despite appearances to the contrary, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult will eventually get back together. The source stated that the couple have a “special bond,” between them, one “that they will not find elsewhere.”

As JLaw stated in a January interview with The Sun, she is “a big fan of all things British.” Though she was specifically referring to things like “fish and chips,” her statement could also refer to her love life, as both Hoult and Chris Martin are English.

Besides a love connection catching fire, Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence’s business one seems to have ignited, as well. Martin participated on the soundtrack for Lawrence’s flick, the Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which was the hottest movie around when it first came out this summer. While it is also good to hear that Gwyneth Paltrow is in a romantic relationship, she might not like it that her ex is seeing one of the most sizzling actresses in Hollywood, one who is younger than herself.

The romantic lives of celebrities often seem to have more rebounds than the L.A. Lakers. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have split up and have gotten back together so many times that it is hard to keep up with their cycles of torrid romance followed by tearful breakups. Chris Martin will probably not be going back to Paltrow, at least, not any time soon; but, still, his romantic relationship with Jennifer Lawrence caught many people in Hollywood by surprise. How long the fires of romance burn is anybody’s guess.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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