Death Row Jesus Campaign ‘Worst Criminal in History’ [Video]

Death Row Jesus Campaign

Nearly one year after the launch of the controversial “Jesus Tattoo” campaign David Miller is back with a new focus centered on the death of Jesus. His new campaign, Death Row Jesus, is for television screens with the intention of showcasing that Jesus became the worst criminal in history when he made the decision to die for the sins of mankind. This is not a documentary or drama but Miller’s way of making the message of Jesus’ death relative to modern viewers.

Miller is known for his controversial marketing campaigns in order to promote the Gospel. Last year, he had approximately 59 billboards erected depicting the image of Jesus Christ adorned in tattoos throughout the city of Lubbock. The billboards of an inked Jesus, with tattooed arms stretched outward, infuriated many Texans. Words such as hated, addicted, faithless, outcast and jealous were branded on Jesus’ arms in bold lettering.Are Tattoos Sinful?

Ashley Sawyer, media relations coordinator for “Jesus Tattoo,” explained the “Jesus Tattoo” campaign had no hidden agenda and meant no harm, as many believed. She said the billboards really were not about tattoos as many may think; they were staged to convey a message of love and acceptance. Sawyer said the message they intended to convey was simple,

The love of Jesus is transformative and he loves people unconditionally. It does not matter what you have been marked with, love for others and faith in him can transform us all.

With this new campaign Miller has opted for a different approach with digital video advertisements that will launch in major cities throughout the U.S. When people think about Jesus, they do not think about him being on death row, but if people think about why he came and what he did when he was on earth, that was really his experience, said Miller who added,

We communicate very directly that Christ became the worst criminal in history when he took our mistakes on himself. The second message is we are all equally undeserving of God’s grace.

This campaign just as Miller’s previous one is part of an organization he started named Little Pencil. The organization was founded about a year ago and its name was inspired by the following quote by Mother Teresa,

I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world.

According to Miller, he is not out to make a profit and the funds for the video advertisements were raised through merchandise sales from his “Jesus Tattoo” campaign. Miller said corporations spend large amounts of money on marketing their product all the time, there is nothing wrong with that. His company just thinks, in this case, they have a much better product; one that is life-changing, will last forever and is certainly worthy of whatever they choose to invest in it.

A portion of the new video shows Jesus in shackles wearing a traditional orange prison jumpsuit while being led by guards down a prison block of cells which are filled with all types of sinners wallowing in their conviction. Jesus is then beaten to the ground. Next, the video transitions into a scene depicting the crucifixion where Jesus is dying while other prison inmates are being set free.

The campaign, Death Row Jesus, is set for television screens across the U.S. and comes just one year after the launch of his previous controversial “Jesus Tattoo” campaign. David Miller has returned with a new focus centered on the death of Jesus where he intends to promote Jesus as the worst criminal in history when he made the decision to die for the sins of mankind.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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