Derrick Rose Proves His Return


With Paul George’s recent severe right leg fracture being the current number one focus in the basketball world, fans all over the country may be disregarding another significant point that came from Team USA’s practice game: Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls has explosively proven his return to the game of basketball.

Derrick Rose suffered from two severe leg injuries to both legs within a matter of two NBA seasons. In 2012, during the Game One of the NBA Playoffs against the Philadelphia 76ers, Rose tore his ACL in his left knee that resulted in his being out, not only for the rest of the 2011-2012 season, but also the entirety of 2012-2013. Coincidentally, Rose finally made his return to the NBA against Paul George and the Indiana Pacers on October 2013 in a preseason match-up. One month later, Rose suffered from a tear in his right knee meniscus which then resulted in his being out for the rest of that season as well. Many doubted him as his “return” stretched over through two years due to two different injuries. However, those who may have questioned his talent may now have a reason to think twice.

Team USA recruited Derrick Rose to join some of NBA’s most prestigious players for the FIBA World Cup training. Practices and scrimmages have been occurring within the past few weeks in Las Vegas, Nevada. There, Rose has proven his comeback in more ways than expected. Many of the coaches (along with other players) predicted that Rose was on his way to explode with talent in the upcoming weeks, as well as the 2014-2015 NBA season. The Blue versus White intrasquad scrimmage gave viewers a reason to believe that Rose may just be better than ever.

In just the first five minutes of the game, Rose wowed the crowd. Rose had two lay-ups and a dunk assisted by Kenneth Faried. Overall, he finished with eight points and one assist. This may seem subpar for the 2010-2011 MVP and fan favorite, yet it was a shocker to those people who initially doubted his placement onto Team USA. Despite the time it took for his rehab, Rose came back and attacked the basket in a way that rekindled the faded memories that Bulls fans and basketball fans throughout may have had. This game not only wowed the crowd, but it was enough to convince the coaches to officially lock in Derrick Rose’s spot on Team USA.

In two seasons, Derrick Rose played a limited number of games. Prior to his two injuries, Rose’s voice represented leadership. His leadership both on and off the court brought success to the Bulls organization. Meanwhile, during Rose’s rehab, the Bulls had no other choice but to step up as a team. Not only did their starters begin to step up their game, but the second-string players, now known as the “Bench Mob,” proved their talent as well. Jimmy Butler, Taj Gibson, and Joakim Noah became prominent in not only the Bulls franchise, but within the entire basketball world. With his play for Team U.S., the Bulls could have their long-awaited return season with Derrick Rose, proving he not only still has it in him, but that he is so much better than ever before.

Commentary by Tricia Manalansan

Photo Courtesy of Soletron – Creativecommons License
Washington Post
NBC Sports

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