‘Disney Infinity’ Announces New Aladdin and Jasmine Figures [Video]


Disney Infinity, the popular open-world creation video game, has announced two new fan favorites that have been added to the widely successful sandbox-style title. Aladdin and Jasmine from the classic Disney film, Aladdin, will be joining the Disney Infinity family this fall and early next year.

On August 7, Disney Interactive released a gameplay trailer featuring the two heroes as playable characters in the game’s free-roaming “Toy Box Mode.” Aladdin is stated to be released shortly after the game’s second installment, Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes, drops on September 23 while Jasmine is scheduled to be made available in the early months of 2015. The trailer displays Aladdin and Jasmine’s skills beautifully. Aladdin is seen wielding an Arabic blade to fend off his enemies in addition to harnessing the power of his genie’s magical lamp. Jasmine shows off her versatile acrobatics and also has the ability to attack using cyclone winds of sand.

Alongside the release of the figures, certain power discs that can be used to transform the player’s gaming experience into the realm of Aladdin’s Middle Eastern setting will be made available. These power discs include the ability to change the sky and terrain of Infinity’s toy box to reflect that of the iconic kingdom of Agrabah. Another disc allows Aladdin to change his wardrobe to the regal robes of his royal alias, Prince Ali. The final power disc allows players to fly across the world on their very own magic carpet.

Aladdin and Jasmine are not the only classic figures Disney Infinity has announced. The lovable blue alien, Stitch and the sassy pixie, Tinker Bell will make their debut as playable toy box characters later this year as well. Before the announcement of the game’s sequel, Disney Interactive reportedly sought out the fans’ opinions on which characters they would like to play as in the next installment. These four characters were among the top suggestions, confirming that Disney really does take its players’ desires into consideration.

Many hardcore Disney fans were skeptical of the announcement trailer for Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes due to the fact that the video was focused entirely on stories and characters from the Marvel universe and none from the world of Disney. These particular fans caught a break when, shortly after, the announcement of the infamous Maleficent and the brave heroine, Merida as playable characters was made. Since then, Disney Interactive has gradually been announcing playable Disney and Marvel characters, alike, that are destined to be featured in the game’s 2.0 edition.

Disney has been very strategic in its marketing for this sequel. After an immensely successful debut of the original game, Disney Infinity has garnered quite a following and now even produces its own weekly webcast featuring the game’s executive producer, John Vignocchi and community manager, Allison Petrek as the show’s hosts. The two provide an in-depth look at many of the individual characters as well as the mission-based play sets that are to be released. The upcoming adventure-style play sets are based off of some of Marvel’s greatest hits, including The Avengers, Spider-Man, and the newly released Guardians of the Galaxy, although no new Disney play sets have been announced for the 2.0 edition yet.

With the announcement of Disney Infinity’s new Aladdin and Jasmine figures, players across the globe are simply on the edge of their seats to see what wonders this title will reveal next. Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes will be released on all major gaming platforms on September 23 and the original version of Disney Infinity is available wherever games are sold. View the trailer for the Aladdin and Jasmine figures below.

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By Cody Collier

Nintendo Insider

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