Game of Thrones Character Will Not Be Recast

Game of Thrones

After the news of J.J. Murphy’s death, his Game of Thrones character will not be recast. The show runners made the decision that his character can be written out of season five. However, some of the fans of the books will not be happy.

There have been changes to the storylines in the past; most recently with the removal of Lady Stoneheart from the end of season four. While the writers have very good reasons for doing things like this, the fans of the books have not been happy to see parts that they have expected not being added. Of course, there are other book fans who have been extremely happy with the idea of not really know whether a storyline is going to remain the same or not.

Murphy died just four days into filming. It has led to a number of the cast and crew sharing their condolences, but did mean a discussion was needed about whether to recast his character or not. Considering the 86-year-old was extremely excited about appearing in the show and how he has made the character his own, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss decided that his character could be retired from the show.

Fortunately for the writers, the part he was cast for was a relatively small one. He plays Ser Denys Mallister, who is a member of the Night’s Watch and runs for commander. It is much easier for the writers to create a new reason for him not being picked rather than recasting and refilming. By not recasting the Game of Thrones character, Murphy will always be remembered for this part being his last.

This is the first time something like this has happened in the hit TV show adapted from George R.R. Martin’s books, A Song of Ice and Fire. However, it has happened with other TV shows and movies in the past.

8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter’s John Ritter died during the filming of the show. His character was killed off-screen from a respectable heart attack at a grocery store, allowing the cast members to mourn on-screen as well as off. It opened the door for James Gardener and David Spade to come into the show.

Fans of the Fast and the Furious franchise will also know that Paul Walker’s death has led to questions over his character in the most recent movie. The Hunger Games also could have run into problems after Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death from a heroin overdose earlier this year. All his parts had been filmed by the time of his death.

Changes to scripts have to happen now and then. The worst part is for the die-hard book fans that will now see another change to the Game of Thrones storyline. They may not take it as well as other changes since there could have been the option to recast. However, there is a hope that some will accept that Murphy had filmed a number of scenes already and deserved to be idolized in his last scene.

For others, it will be a good thing that Murphy’s Game of Thrones character will not be recast. The change of storyline keeps the book fans guessing now and then.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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