Has Nick Cannon Walked Out on His and Mariah Carey’s Marriage?

Nick Cannon Mariah Carey

Media reports are stating that Nick Cannon has allegedly claimed that he ”walked out” on his and Mariah Carey’s marriage. The host of America’s Got Talent, age 33, reportedly ended the couple’s relationship because he is extremely disturbed about his singer spouse’s, age 44, ”emotional state” and is concerned about their twins, age 3, Monroe and Moroccan’s well-being.

A source told one media source that Nick wants to generate an atmosphere that is apart from Mariah which can give the children a safe refuge from the disarray they experience at her house.

Several friends also are claiming that Cannon thinks that Carey’s managing team is not giving her the support that she required and only care about her capability to ‘make lots of money and keep paying their salaries.

Nick admitted a few days earlier this past week that he and Carey, who had gotten married in 2008, had been staying in different houses for several months after their relationship had hit the rocks but he made sure to add that his primary focus was on his little girl and boy. There had been numerous previous reports that Mariah’s trust in Nick has been broken and it played a major role in their split after she believed Cannon might have cheated on her while he had been away working on America’s Got Talet.

However Nick continues to deny that any type of infidelity had whatsoever to do with the break-up of his and Mariah’s marriage. In the meantime, he and Carey are allegedly in the process of talks with their respective attorneys over custody agreements for the twins, as well as some sort of property disbursement.

If the above is true, then Cannon himself is the one who reportedly decided to leave his marriage with Mariah. He continues to make it clear to everyone that is involved that he is very concerned about Carey’s emotional state and he thinks that by ending their marriage, it will end up being the best for the kids in the long run. He allegedly thinks that the atmosphere around Mariah is toxic in some way and he lives in worry for the twins.

It has been reportedly told that Cannon actually thinks his two children are already showing signs of having emotional distress by living with their mother and he is upset by the supposed fact.

Nick is said to actually want to create an environment that is completely different from what is at Carey’s home. Cannon wants the twins to have some sort of safe refuge away from what he feels is nothing but “chaos” at her house.

Nick has also reportedly been telling other individuals that he is very worried about Carey’s mental health and thinks her managers do not care about anything except her talent for making money and paying their salaries.

Supposedly Cannon has been reported in taking a “passive” role in the divorce. He has allegedly told his attorneys to take the path of least resistance so to end things as serenely as possible in the divorce and to get it over with as soon as they can.

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