J.K. Rowling Continues the Harry Potter Universe

J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling is continuing the Harry Potter universe. And why not when it has become such a successful franchise? The latest addition is another piece on her Pottermore website, which was created for loyal fans to continue their journey into the wizard’s world.

While fans can learn more about the characters and see where they are in the future, they also get to learn about new characters. The latest is a singing sorceress who goes by the name of Celestina Warbeck. This was just a minor character before now, but she has gone further into the Shirley Bassey-inspired character and shared a short story.

This is not the first time this summer that Rowling has shared more of her wizard world with her fans. In June, she shared a report about a 34-year-old Potter written by the one and only Rita Skeeta. Just two weeks ago, she also shared a letter that was written to young Cassidy Stay, which was in the voice of Dumbledore. This was more a letter from the author to a young fan, who quoted Dumbledore in her speech after the tragic shooting that killed her whole family.

The new short story goes into more details about the “Singing Sorceress,” as Warbeck is known. She performs at Orlando, Fl. in the Harry Potter theme park, regularly singing tracks from You Stole My Cauldron But You Can’t Have My Heart, which is her debut album.

Rowling really is continuing the Harry Potter universe for her fans and it certainly makes sense. There is still much to do with the universe, and not just with the three main characters. Fans would like to see where the characters are now and learn about other people within the world. They want to find out about how the magical world lives and whether there are similar aspects to the real world, such as with reporters, celebrities and sports.

The story about Potter in June was the first time she had written about her main character since the end of her book series. It was a story that many had waited for and was arguably just the right amount of time to get people excited. While Rowling has continued the franchise, she has played it well by leaving the main characters out of it for now. It helped to develop the world much more and get people interested with other aspects of it.

Pottermore delves into more of Warbeck’s back story and even treats fans to a hit single. This could really get children excited if they are visiting the Harry Potter theme park anytime soon, where they can see the sorceress in person. Pottermore is full of more exciting secrets and characters for fans old and new.

Small snippets into the world are shared regularly. Many are short stories and article pieces, while the famous author works on her new book series set years before Potter was born. The Harry Potter universe is one that Rowling continues to develop and have fun with, delving into the lives of other characters and time periods.

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