Jackie Chan ‘Heartbroken’ Over Son’s Arrest

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is “heartbroken” over his son’s arrest. Jaycee was arrested after a drug bust in Beijing, China last week and now faces three years imprisonment if he is found guilty.

The actor and martial arts legend apologized to his fans for his son’s actions. Many fans will look up to the actor and his family, and it has let many down. However, they understand that the actor had nothing to do with it and have offered him their support during this situation. The Rush Hour actor does hope that younger fans will learn that drug abuse is a serious problem and a crime that all should stay away from.

According to Chan, the news about his son being involved in drugs is shocking and disappointing. He is extremely angry that Jaycee would be involved in this and is ashamed for his actions. However, he does point out that his mother is the one to feel the most heartbreak over the situation.

Despite being disappointed and ashamed, the 60-year-old will stand by his son. This comes after rumors that he had previously disinherited the aspiring actor. Some of the decision to stand by him is because he believes somewhat responsible. He believes that he failed to educate his son enough to avoid him making this bad decision.

That does not take away the fact that Chan is “heartbroken” over his son’s arrest. The 31-year-old was detained by Chinese police last week and a drugs test showed marijuana in his system. He then admitted to taking the drug and could face the maximum three year penalty if found guilty in court. He was not alone in the bust, with at least eight other celebrities arrested. Friend Kai Ko was arrested at the same time as the 31-year-old, and reportedly started crying afterwards. The 23-year-old explained that he had set a “bad example” and appeared deeply ashamed during his confession. There is a chance he will serve a few days in prison.

Police are involved in a major crackdown on drugs in China lately. Over the last few months, around 3,400 individuals have been arrested in connection to drugs. There have been debates over the police’s actions to detain people. On one occurrence, police barricaded people into a club and forced them to give urine samples so they could test them for drugs. While nobody was caught in possession or selling/buying the drugs, nine people were arrested for drug consumption.

While Chan blames himself in some part, the decision was on his son to take drugs. There is no indication of when this started but some may suggest that it began before he was disinherited. In a 2011 red carpet interview, the 60-year-old explained that he did not want his son wasting the money he had heard and that half of the $130 million inheritance would go to charity. He never confirmed where the other half would go, but it certainly was not to his son.

There is no sign that there is a change of heart on the money, but there is still affection between them. Chan has shared how “heartbroken” he is over his son’s arrest, and apologized to his fans for the incident.

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