James Corden: New Host of ‘The Late Late Show?’


James Corden is reportedly the front runner to take over as the new host of The Late Late Show. Many are shocked at the rumors that the actor will be replacing Craig Ferguson as the new host of the popular late night show. He was born in Buckinghamshire, UK, and is a British actor, comedian, writer, producer and presenter with hosting experience.

The 35-year-old is quite popular in Britain. He has stage, TV and film experience and got his start in the entertainment industry with a role in 24:7 Twenty Four Seven (1997)a British TV show created by Shane Meadows. He received his first major role on the British TV show, Fat Friends (2000)

Fat Friends is about a group of people in a “slimming club.” In the show, Corden plays a 15-year-old teenager named Jamie who struggles with a weight problem and has to help care for his mother, who suffers from depression. When the stress of being bullied at school and caring for his mother gets to be too much, the teenager tries to commit suicide. As a result, his mother puts him in the club while attempting to help him lose weight and feel better about himself. The show follows the lives of Jamie and the other members of the club, as they diet and deal with life.

While filming Fat Friends, the British star thought of the idea that would turn out to be a major milestone in his career. He shared his idea for a one hour, made-for-TV movie about the wedding of a Welsh bride and her English groom that would feature his co-star, Ruth Jones. Subsequently, the two of them decided to work together on the project.

When the pair finished writing Gavin and Stacey (2007-2010), they sent a proposal for the movie to BBC. The network responded by telling them they did not have a time slot available for a TV movie. However, BBC did like the concept and suggested the duo turn their movie into a series about the couple’s life together prior to marriage, with the wedding being the finale.

The writers cast themselves as Smithy and Nessa, the best friends of the couple. Gavin is played by Mathew Horne and Stacey is played by Joanna Page. The show’s ratings were not great at first,  drawing just half a million average viewers for the first season. The second season average was a little better at 1.7 million, but at the end of the second season, viewership soared with 7 million viewers tuning in for the Christmas special (2008).

In 2008, Gavin and Stacey was nominated for a British Academy Television Craft Awards (BAFTA) for the Sky* AUDIENCE AWARD for Programme of the Year and won. The actor was likewise nominated and won a BAFTA for his comedic performance as Smithy. At the time, Corden had no way of knowing he could possibly star in a new role as the host of The Late Late Show. 

The success of Gavin and Stacey propelled the young actor into a number of other roles. He has now been in more than 80 films, TV shows and plays. Some of his most popular roles are in One Chance (2013), A League of Their Own (2010-present), Lesbian Vampire Killers (2009), Into the Woods (2014), The History Boys (2006) and The Three Musketeers (2011). Additionally, he won the 2012 Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play for his performance in the Broadway play, One Man, Two Guvnors.

Corden has a long list of impressive accomplishments. He has experience in a variety of genres in the entertainment business. The star is young, full of life, creative, comical and able to adapt to various situations. His improvisational skills are said to be excellent, which may serve Corden well if he is indeed announced as the new host of The Late Late Show. 

By Amy Gilmore


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