Jimmy Fallon Celebrates 100th Tonight Show With Helen Mirren [Recap & Review]

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon celebrates the 100th Tonight Show episode he has been the host of tonight, with guests Helen Mirren and James Cameron. Though he is no “Snow White,” Fallon will be doing a “Mirror, Mirror” skit with legendary actress Mirren. Fallon will likely pull out all the stops making this episode one of the best yet. His musical guest will be the very cool band, Spoon.

Jimmy Fallon walked out to a standing ovation. He began his monologue talking about it being the 100th episode of the Tonight Show. He said he immediately passed on a cake he was given to “Rob Ford and Chris Christie.” He then joked about President Obama turning 53, saying “He made a wish and blew out the candles but when he opened up his eyes, he was still president.”

He said that according to a new book by secret service agents, “Agents tried to avoid Biden detail, as he skinny-dipped. In the fountains of malls.”

“The Cheetoh’s out of the Speedo,” was a phrase used by the Secret Service detailed to protect Biden, he joked.

“Four Dr. Seuss stories that haven’t been seen since the 1960s are going to be re-published. What’s even stranger is that they are works of erotic fiction,” Fallon said.

His last joke of his monologue was: “PETA is criticizing Kim Kardashian for recently swimming with the dolphins in Mexico. But, the dolphins actually enjoyed it, as Kim Kardashian’s voice was the only one that they could actually recognize.”

Then, Jimmy Fallon talked about the new truck that he owns with the announcer, Steve Higgins, who is also extremely funny. Fallon said he can “drive off the road. There’s no rules. The cops understand.” He said his truck “looks like it is wearing a blue shirt with khaki pants.”

Besides being there to help Jimmy Fallon celebrate the 100th Tonight Show, Helen Mirren promoted her new movie, The Hundred Foot Journey. James Cameron is behind the blockbuster movies like Terminator, Avatar and Titanic. Tonight, he will talk with Jimmy Fallon about his explorations aboard the Deepsea Challenger, a submarine he took to the bottom of the Marina Trench, as well as promote a 3-D movie he made about the adventure.

Jimmy Fallon

Back from commercials, Jimmy Fallon was dressed up like a royal prince. The skit is called “Mirror, Mirror,” at the NBC webstie, though Jimmy Fallon and Helen Mirren previously did a similar skit on The Late Show Starring Jimmy Fallon when he hosted that, called “Mirren, Mirren.”

He asks a mirror what its favorite movie, and Helen Mirren says “Sharknado.” Fallon asks it what it thinks of 50 Shades of Grey and she said she did not mind a bit of spanking now and then.

“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, what do you think of legalizing marijuana?” Jimmy Fallon asked.

“Marijuana is legal and that’s a fact, now how about pleasing Rob Ford and legalizing crack,” Helen Mirren said (some of these quips are paraphrased).

Jimmy Fallon introduced Helen Mirren after a commercial break. She is acting royalty. Fallon called her “Gorgeous.”

Fallon showed a photo of Helen with the Queen. She is pointing her finger at Queen Elizabeth, as if she is admonishing her. She said that her husband said that it looked as if Helen was saying “You naughty, naughty Queen — where is your crown?”

“Do not eat before you go see this movie. Then, afterward, eat. I’m telling you that you will score. You will score!” Helen said, laughing.

“I think she is like a Fairy Godmother, Oprah. She is like everyone’s Fairy Godmother. She arrives by helicopter,” Helen said, when the conversation shifted for a while to Winfrey. She and Steven Spielberg produced the movie.

“If you see this movie on a date, you will score,” Jimmy Fallon said, then he showed a clip from the movie. It looked like it will be a pretty great flick.

Jimmy Fallon

James Cameron was Jimmy Fallon’s next guest. Deep Sea Challenge 3-D is Cameron’s latest film. “You and your team have just made history,” Jimmy said. “When I watched this, I was just mesmerized.”

Cameron and his men made their own submarine, Deepsea Challenger. He journeyed around seven miles down into the Mariana Trench. “This is Sci-Fi for real,” Cameron said.

It is a vertical submarine. “Kawasaki racing green,” Cameron said. “That was the concept.”

“How long does it take to get to the bottom of it?” Jimmy asked.

“About two and a half hours to get down and three hours to get back up,” James Cameron said.

He took film footage and also sent down raw chicken 8,221 meters in a trap. He said that dozens of large trout-sized amphipods, shrimp-like creatures with ghostly white shells, stripped the chicken to the bone as if it was attacked by piranhas.

Jimmy said that they built the submarine in Australia. Cameron attached a Rolex on the arm of a robot that was a part of the sub. He discovered 68 new species and took soil samples. Describing the moment when he looked out through the portal of the sub, he said “In that moment, I became like a little kid again.”

He donated the Deepsea Challenger sub and all of his findings to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

Jimmy introduced Spoon, who performed the song Do You. This Austin, Texas based rock band sounded pretty amazing. The lighting effects were a nice touch, also. The lead singer, Britt Daniel, was dressed in white and he played a black electric guitar.

Jimmy Fallon celebrated the 100th Tonight Show with a couple of very classy and interesting guests, actress Helen Mirren and director James Cameron. His monologue and interplay with his guests and Tonight Show announcer, Steve Higgins, made the episode a pretty funny and memorable one. Spoon gave a great performance to close the show.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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