Jimmy Fallon Fan Gets Lindsay Lohan to Do Ice Bucket Challenge [Video]

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The notoriously funny host of the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon read a viewer letter challenging Lindsay Lohan to the ALS ice bucket challenge. The letter stated that although the viewer has sent the challenge out to Lohan, he had not heard back from the star and her 24 hours was almost up. What was a host to do? The funny man stated that the actress was in London, but that he would try to get ahold of her. Then in true Fallon style he not only read the entire letter but brought the controversial starlet to the show to give her a chance to respond. Surprise! She was not in London after all. Lohan not only accepted the challenge, but her own nominees were of epic proportions.

It is alleged that Lohan had already done the ALS ice bucket challenge while in a club, using two champagne buckets to complete the task, however, it was not captured on film, so therefore she was called out again. Never one to back away from the spotlight, the actress took center stage at the Tonight Show, while Fallon apologized profusely for what was about to happen. Witnessing the exchanged looks between the two, viewers were taken in by the humor of it all and the anticipation of the icing of the actress. Lohan took it all in stride however, standing still with only a brief look of shock when the host informed her there was “ice and everything” in the bucket.

Lohan nominated the Duffield Children’s Center in New York, along with Prince Harry and Jared Leto. She let the audience know that she works with the people at the children’s center and would be there the following day to document their acceptance of the challenge. As for Prince Harry, it should be interesting to see if this challenge gets across the pond, and if it is accepted. More intriguing yet is, if accepted, who would the prince nominate, and how far will this epic challenge really go? Thirteen million has been raised so far for ALS, and should this challenge make it all the way to the royal family, it could really ramp up what has already become a record-breaking challenge, having already broken last year’s donations by 12 million.

Lohan has been acting since she was 10-years-old, and at just 28 she has had her fair share of troubles. Fallon is a great supporter of the actress and introduced her in the most sincere and flattering of ways. Fans will surely take kindly to her participation in something that is sweeping the country, and hopefully not all will voice the opinion that she did it for publicity.

Lohan will be back in the spotlight with her upcoming role in a London production of Speed the Plow, in which she will be starring as an ambiguous secretary to an executive Hollywood producer. The play is set to hit the stage in London in September, and it will undoubtedly be a measure in discipline for the notoriously late or missing actress. This is one career move that Lohan will not be able to justify being late to. This live performance could end up helping her career and credibility should she be professional through out its run. The video below is a fun reminder that the ASL ice bucket challenge has been a very effective means to raise money for the charity, and watching Fallon dump icy water over the actress is something the fans loved.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska

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