Jimmy Fallon Plays GoldenEye With Pierce Brosnan [Recap/Review]

Jimmy Fallon

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Fallon’s guests were Pierce Brosnan, who is starring in the upcoming movie The November Man and who Fallon plays GoldenEye with; and fashion blogger, Tavi Gevinson. His musical guests will be The Madden Brothers. His house band, The Roots, were great, as usual.

After Jimmy Fallon did his monologue, he announced that Pierce Brosnan, who was Remington Steele on TV and who also played James Bond, will be on the show. Brosnan will be in the upcoming flick, The November Man. He said that Tavi Gevinson will be making her Broadway debut next month in “This Is Our Youth.” Also, the musical guests will be two brothers from Good Charlotte who formed The Madden Brothers.

Fallon looked at the “Pros and Cons of Going on a Juice Cleanse.” First, he said that he was on the Juice Cleanse, also: “I’m on Day 3. I’ve never felt butt-er — better.”

Here are some of the examples of what he said, paraphrased:

“Pro: Everything that goes into your body is liquid. Con: Everything that comes out of your body is liquid.

“Pro: Telling everyone you’re on a Juice Cleanse. Con: Everybody does not like hearing you say that you’re on a Juice Cleanse.”

“Pro: Drinking for five straight days. Con: Peeing for five straight weeks.”

“Pro: Drinking may or may not increase your need to go to the bathroom. Con: Depends.”

“Pro: It’s a great way to clean out your colon. Con: That cleaning out your colon is considered to be a pro.”

Jimmy Fallon introduced Pierce Brosnan, saying that The November Man opens August 27. He said “We loved you as James Bond.” Fallon mentioned a Bond woman’s name, asking Brosnan about her, but Brosnan said that she was in a Daniel Craig Bond movie, not any of his. Brosnan’s code name in the movie is “the November Man.”

“Are you a good fighter in real life?” Fallon asks.

“Oh, good God, No. anyway, the movie is great, opening on the 27th of August…”

“Making the Bond movies were often a hair’s breadth away from parody much of the time,” Brosnan says. He told about being on the back of a Skidoo, with little short poles. He got down on his knees, saying “Most of the time, I was like this.’ He mimed skiing on his knees.

“This is beautifully shot and you filmed on location for much of this,” Fallon

“Yes, we filmed in Belgravia. It has a very much a presence in this film,” Brosnan tells Fallon. the video clip Fallon shows is very cool. Pierce Brosnan clotheslines someone who is riding on a motorcycle, knocking him off of his ride. Then, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon went to another commercial break.

“We’re here with Pierce Brosnan now,” Jimmy Fallon said when the show came back from break. Brosnan said him that the studio that produced The November Man already has told him that there will be a sequel to it.

Pierce related how he was playing Remington Steele when he got the word that he had been offered the job of playing James Bond. But, NBC nixed the deal and Brosnan got the bad news that he would not be Bond not at that point. He did six episodes of Remingon Steel instead of the 13 NBC had asked him to be in. NBC then ditched the show. Timothy Dalton go the job, instead.

“Do you ever hang out with the other Bonds? Is there a secret James Bond club?” Jimmy Fallon asked Brosnan.

“No, no. I met Sean Connery once. He asked ‘Are they paying you enough money?’ and, that was it. We were like two ships passing in the night.”

“I would like to invite all Bonds on the show, whenever they would like,” Fallon said. “One of my favorite things, my favorite video games of all time, was GoldenEye.” They both play the game on a giant TV screen!

Fallon grabbed a gun first and said: “Well, hello, Mr. Bond!” Fallon then shot and killed Brosnan’s character. “I killed the real James Bond in this game! Yes!” Fallon said and gave Pierce Brosnan a big hug, saying “I love you!”

Brosnan said “I love you, too!” and the Tonight Show went to another commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon

Then, Jimmy Fallon said “We’re joined by the popular blogger of Rookie. She will in a Broadway play ‘This Is Our Youth’starting next week with Michael Cera.”

“Thanks for having me,” she said.

Jimmy Fallon asked about her graduation from high school. She answered him, saying “It was weird. My dad handed me my diploma. It was weird, very Time of Your Life by Green Day. My dad worked at the school.”

Then, Jimmy Fallon showed a book that Tavi has compiled with the writing of lots of young women in it, including Lorde and Shailene Woodley. It also has stickers in it.

“I got the script in January and read it and loved i,” Tavi said. “I was very adamant about getting this part. We had our first preview last night. It went really well, I think. Actually, I was pretty happy that you were playing GoldenEye, because we have Mario Cart 3 backstage and I have played it with Michael Cera.”

“This is obviously a very special play,” Fallon said. “It’s set in the 80s. What do you know about the 80s?”

Tavi stammered a bit, then Fallon asked “When were you born?”

“In 1996,” Tavi told him.

“Good for you,” he said. What more is there to say in a case like that?

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon introduced The Madden Brothers, who were both in Good Charlotte. They have an upcoming album, Greetings From California. The song that they sing is We Are Done. It is a very pop-oriented, catchy, upbeat song, just made for the Billboard Top Ten.

“That’s the way to do it!” Jimmy Fallon says, adding “We’ll be right back!” The Tonight Show went to yet another commercial break.

When The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon came back, Jimmy Fallon thanked all of his guests and that was the end of the episode. Pierce Brosnan talking with Jimmy Fallon, an uber James Bond fan, about being Bond was a definite highlight, as was when they played GoldenEye together. Tavi Gevinson really got her fame rolling with her fashion blog. Her acting career appears to be taking off. The Madden Brothers performed a great pop song, We are Done, which should be a huge hit for them. Hopefully, Jimmy Fallon will be able to get more than one person who has played James Bond together on his show — that would be pretty cool.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon playing GoldenEye with Pierce Brosnan

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