Kelsey Grammer: Mistakes Happen

Kelsey Grammer

Kelsey Grammer admits that mistakes happen. Grammer took time earlier this week to attend the parole hearing of Freddie Glenn, the man convicted of raping and killing Grammer’s sister 39 years ago. According to the Denver Post, Grammer forgave Glenn for his actions telling him that he believed Glenn who said he was sorry for his actions, and that he was a changed man. Kelsey Grammer is said to have told Glenn that he too has made his share of mistakes and that he believes that Glenn is telling the truth about his regret at past decisions.

These exchanges between the two did not change how Grammer felt about Glenn being up for parole. Grammer testified that he was not comfortable with endorsing a release of the convicted Glenn without feeling as though he was betraying his sister.

At the parole hearing, Kelsey Grammer alluded to mistakes in his past and acknowledged that mistakes happen to everyone. In a 1997 US Weekly article, these mistakes included alcohol and cocaine addiction, two divorces, allegations of sex with a minor, a child out of wedlock and he overcame spousal battery. All of this happened before he flipped his Dodge Viper in an accident and subsequently checked himself into Betty Ford.

Grammer, 42 at the time of the article, was not ready to make changes prior to the accident. In and out of AA for nine years, Grammer did not take it seriously because, as he says in the US Weekly article, he was not ready to commit to the process.

Since this article was written, Kelsey Grammer has a third divorce under his belt and a fourth marriage – this time to Kayte Walsh. The mistake made by Grammer and Walsh, in this case, is that he was still married during their affair. It ended the actor’s 13-year marriage to Camille Grammer. According to an interview on Oprah and reported on ABC news in May 2012, Walsh was not proud of what happened or her role in the beginnings of their relationship, since she knew he was still married.

From this affair, there came what many would consider a positive – two beautiful children. Two years ago, Grammer and Walsh had a girl whom they named Faith Evangeline Elisa Grammer and just last week they welcomed a son into the world. Kelsey Gabriel Elias Grammer was born July 22, 2014 and were the sixth child for Grammer.

For a time, Grammer’s acting changed to push past his mistakes and move on in life. From his role in Cheers and as the star of the comedic Fraiser, which made him a household name, to Boss, which took a serious Grammer to another side of acting. Though it was canceled after only two seasons, Boss allowed Grammer to show another side of his abilities and that he is not Dr. Crane.

Grammer returns to comedy on August 4 on FX, where he teams up with Martin Lawrence for their new show Partners. The premise is two lawyers forced into a partnership working from different angles. One is high and mighty and will do anything to win (Grammer), and the other (Lawrence) is ethical and by-the-book. The two have ten episodes to see if ratings will be high enough to keep the series going.

If this new show continues past the first ten episodes, it could mark a comeback to comedy and maybe suggest to Grammer that comedy is where he belongs. If it does not, then it could be chalked up to a mistake on Kelsey Grammer’s part since they do happen.

Opinion by Sara Kourtsounis

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