Kendall Jenner Threatens Waitress With Legal Action

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner has threatened a waitress with legal action. The news continues after a waitress spoke out about the reality TV show leaving a restaurant without paying and then allegedly throwing money in her face. It left the waitress shocked and disappointed, but the half-sister of Kim Kardashian says that it never happened.

Blaine Morris, who appeared on Skins, took to Twitter to share her thoughts about the reality TV show star throwing the money in her face. She later explained that the bill was for around $60, and that Jenner and her friend Hailey Baldwin left without paying. Morris had to chase them to get them to pay up, but the young girls laughed and threw the money at Morris. The issue was reportedly due to the 18-year-old being refused alcohol because of her underage status.

The former Skins actress explained that Jenner and Baldwin never even checked if they were paying enough. Nor did they check if there was a tip included.

However, Baldwin’s representatives quickly countered the experience. They stated that the two girls believed that the bill had been fully paid and leaving it like that was an accident. When they realized the mistake, they apologized and paid the money they owed.

Taking it to social media and the press has possible done Morris more harm than good. Jenner has now threatened the waitress with legal action, claiming that she is defaming her. The 18-year-old celebrity is angry that someone would lie about something like this and damage her character.

According to The Daily Mail, Marty Singer is taking on the case and explained that the account from the waitress is completely wrong. His papers say that that $33 dollars was required for the bill and the young girls gave a $7 tip. This would have been more than the usually accepted 10 percent tip offered.

Singer goes as far to claim that Morris may have tried to gain a better name for herself. She is an aspiring actress after all, and this puts her names in the papers. The question is whether it is for a good thing.

While Jenner’s mother and manager did not make a comment, the 18-year-old did take to Twitter to share her side of the story. She was clearly annoyed from the beginning, and explained that she had been raised much better than the story perceived. The reality TV star then left a comment about not believing everything that is mentioned online or in the papers. Baldwin retweeted the comment rather than reiterating it in her own words.

Shortly after the incident was shared on Twitter, some of the Kardashian and Jenner fans spoke out about it. One of the comments they made was that the young girl is not a Kardashian as Morris stated in her tweet. The reality TV show shares a different father to her also famous half-sisters. Those standing up for Morris do point out that the tweet indicated that they had forgotten about paying the bill; not that they had tried to walk out without paying it.

This is a story of one saying one thing and another saying something else. It will be interesting to see how it plays out if it ever does get to court. It seems like that will happen considering Jenner is serious about her threats to go forward with legal action against the waitress.

By Alexandria Ingham


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