Kim Kardashian Topless Wishes Designer Happy Birthday


Kim Kardashian raised eyebrows as she posted a nearly naked photo of herself in a post wishing the designer of her wedding dress a happy birthday. In the picture she is wearing nothing but sheer panty hose. The post by Kardashian says, “Happy Birthday @riccardotisci17 I love you soooo much!!! Can’t wait to celebrate with you tonight!!!!”

The photo appears to have been taken while the the star was getting ready for her wedding. Recently, on May 24, 2014, Kim Kardashian married singer, Kanye West, the father of her one-year-old daughter. Some of the photos from the wedding were posted immediately following the nuptials, but the now famous topless photo was not shared at that time.

The photo was posted to Kim’s Instagram account and within eight hours the post received more than 374,000 likes and 6,136 comments. Many of the comments posted are negative. People appear to be shocked that the newly married mother is posting nearly nude photos for the world to see.

However, some fans are supporting the criticized celebrity. Others are even defending her. One fan, an Instagram user, commented on the photo, saying “You’re pretty sad to be hating on her, how about you look in a mirror and make sure you’re perfect before you start writing hate comments on someones instagram.”

She is no stranger to controversy. The reality TV star is constantly in the tabloids. Some people blame her for the way the media portrays her. They believe that Kim Kardashian brings the negative tabloid reports on herself, by posting pictures like the topless Birthday wish to her designer.

The photo, which looks like a Polaroid, appears to be of the star being fitted with her veil in preparation for her wedding. It is pretty normal for brides to have a photographer take photos of them while they are getting dressed, but usually the photographer does not snap half naked pictures. Apparently, Kardashian and the designer, Ricardo Tisci, became pretty close, while Tisci was designing the star’s stunning wedding dress.

Many fans expressed their disapproval of the newlywed star posting a picture of herself on a day that is supposed to be about her friend, Tisci. It is unclear why she posted a picture of herself in a happy birthday post to her friend. If someone posts a picture to someone wishing them a happy birthday, they usually post a picture of them with the person who is celebrating their birthday.

People have criticized the television celebrity for her constant publicity stunts, but she has built a huge following. In fact, the celebrity has built an empire. She is currently worth $65 million. Kardashian is the owner of Dash, a store she owns with her two sisters, Kourtney and Khloe. She founded a jewelry company called Virgins Saints and Angels, she is the co-founder of ShoeDazzle a popular online shoe store, she has a fragrance and a very successful reality TV show.

The star has a huge fan base. Millions of people watch her TV show. Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the star’s first show has resulted in several spin offs. Each of the shows  have been a success. TV Celebrity became famous for her looks and showing them off keeps viewers watching.

This is not the first time the star has taken a topless photo of herself. Actually, the star has posed totally nude for several magazines, including Playboy and Harper’s Bazaar. She was featured in a sex tape with football player Reggie Bush, that somehow was leaked to the public. Kim Kardashian is frequently involved in scandals; however, people still seem surprised by the topless happy birthday wish she sent to her wedding dress designer. That might be exactly what she wants.

By: Amy Gilmore


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