Los Jets Fight or Flight Season Finale [Recap/Review]

Los Jets

The season finale of Los Jets, Fight or Flight, was on Wednesday August on NUVOtv. The entertaining and highly enjoyable six episode docu-series, Co-Executive Produced by Jenifer Lopez and her sister, Lynda, concludes tonight with Los Jets trying to make it all the way to the North Carolina State Championship.

One of the Los Jets team members, Jonathan Lopez, wrecked the truck he was driving. His dad told he he “needed to be more careful.” Jonathan did not like to be lectured, but he knew he had done wrong.

He said to the camera “My parents have done everything for me.”

They practice in the rain because it is the playoffs and they will be facing the #1 seeded team. They know that they need to get in as much practice as possible. They have to move their practice indoors, but it does not work out very well, as the floor is slippy.

“Most of the players on First Flight are intimidating,” Coach Paul Cuadros tells the members of Los Jets. “They will try to knock you down. If we beat this #1 seeded team, we will be sending a message about who we are and that we mean business.”

“The task ahead of us is a bit daunting, The travel in itself is an opponent for us. We have to drive six hours, 250 miles, there and back. It will be a tall order for us, no question about that,” Coach Paul Cuadros says to the camera.

On the bus to the playoffs, Los Jets stop off at a beach. One of the team members says “I have never seen the ocean before.”

Paul Cuadros says he tries to instill in the boys “To live your lives with integrity. Then, everything else falls into place.”

Jonathan Lopez says “I want to make my parents proud of me.”

“If we don’t win, we won’t get a chance to play with each other as a team, ever again,” one of the seniors on Los Jets says. Then Los Jets went to a commercial break.

The team that they will be playing, First Flight, is 18 and 0. “They will be extremely aggressive and extremely fast,” Coach Cuadros tells Los Jets a sthey practice before the game.

The team Los Jets plays against is known for “dirty tricks.” Cirilo gets injured during the game and can barely stand up, but he perseveres and continues to play.

“They weren’t even playing fair. Cirilo got hit three times,” Coach Cuadros tells the camera. the opposing team scores and it is 1-0 at the half.

“Hey, you have to pick up the game as fast and as well as you can,” he tells the team a the half. We need to get back and equalize. Right now, it’s one nothing, and one nothing can kill us.”

Jonathan said to the camera “All I could think of is we have to focus so we can win.”

First Flight scored a second goal, putting them two goals ahead.

“This is not the way football should be played. People are getting hurt for no reason,” Coach Cuadros tells the camera.

“You can never p*** me off more than when one of my team members gets injured,” Coach Cuadros continued.

The refs appeared to be ignoring obvious times when the team that Los Jets was playing against would deliberately do something to hurt a Los Jets player. There was nothing that Los Jets could do, though, except try to play their best game ever, despite the apparent unfairness of the situation.

“Let’s go! We can do this!” Coach Cuadros shouted from the sidelines. Then, the other team scored a third time, making it 3-0. The Los Jets team was very dejected. Daniel Estrada, a senior, said “I remember thinking, it’s over. I played four years of soccer and now, it was all over.”

“My father said something I’d never heard him say,” Jonathan said. “He said ‘I’m proud of you.'”

“So, we’re going to lose a lot of players we’ve had over the last four yeas. I’m proud of you. Daniel, will you say a few words to the guys?”

Daniel said, choking up with the emotion of his words, “Keep your head up. If I had to go back to my freshman year and do it all over again, I would. Once a Jet, always a Jet.”

They were very dejected, to put it mildly. They had come so far both during the season and in the playoffs, but they could not pull off a victory.

At the end of Los Jets, it was the graduation ceremony. Then, written on the TV screen were the plans of some of the senior team members of Los Jets, like the information about what colleges they had plans to attend.

“We are a team of immigrants. All of the young men I coached are tattooed on me in some way. i will always remember them.” At the graduation ceremony, they met together in one last huddle

Jonathan Lopez was shown running on a road. He will be attending a community college.

Martin is applying at North Carolina University. Other team members of Los Jets will also be attending college. Coach Cuadros will be conducting summer tryouts and trying to get next season’s Los Jets team ready for another year.

The six episodes of Los Jets were Must See TV. Los Jets is a docu-series that the whole family can watch and enjoy. It has something for sports fans to get into, the excitement of watching Los Jets play and strive their hardest to make it to the playoffs and then to the State Championship game. Sadly, they did not make it there.

Like Hoosiers or other movies or TV programs where an underdog team works to make it and succeed, Los Jets shows the determination of the young men on the Jordan Matthews High School Soccer Team to go all the way. The themes of both immigration and integration are woven into each episode. Both are everyday realities to the team members and families of the Los Jets players. The Los Jets docu-series is a thought-provoking, extremely well-made look into the lives of the members of Los Jets and the series, created and directed by Mark Landsman and Executive Produced by Jennifer Lopez and her sister, Lynda, for NUVOtv, is certain to win a lot of awards.

Written By Douglas Cobb

(Photo used courtesy of NUVOtv)

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