Lucky Sevens by Cynthia Vespia: Page Turning Vegas

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Lucky Sevens by Cynthia Vespia: Page Turning Vegas

Las Vegas author Cynthia Vespia has delivered another page turning novel with Lucky Sevens. The story of a former Navy SEAL with an attitude and a drinking problem whose boss takes a nose dive off his penthouse balcony. Head of security, Luca “Lucky” Luchazi loses his mentor and friend when Charles Vega winds up dead outside the Lucky Sevens Hotel and Casino and for a brief time, he loses his way as well.

The business is taken over by Eddie Zeder, the cocaine fuelled son of Mafia figure Gary Zeder, who has his own problems with the power that has been given to the Casino’s main residential act, magician Christopher King.

The performer keeps Zeder junior supplied with coke in order to have his own way with his act. The magic man also practises black magic, something that he believes makes him invincible.

Lucky begins to receive visits from his dead mentor while he struggles to learn what happened to Charlie on the night he dove off the top floor of the hotel. As the former SEAL starts his inquiries, he loses his job after beating an important “friend” of Zeder’s that he was meant to be babysitting.

The man that Lucky roughs up is, in reality, a sloppy drug mule who makes inappropriate remarks about the head of security’s ex girlfriend, exotic dancer Brooklyn Becker. Zeder junior is overjoyed at the chance to fire Luchazi, as he feels the security man is still loyal to the former owner of the hotel and casino.

Lucky Sevens by Cynthia Vespia is a real page turner about Las Vegas and its inhabitants in the gambling world. Her flawed protagonist Luchazi is entertaining with his many shortcomings, most of which he is very aware of, and some which he is not.

A weakness for alcohol and the dancer Brooklyn almost undoes him. His overpowering jealousy for the woman makes it even harder to keep his head clear in his battle to learn what happened to his friend and mentor the night he died.

This crime/mystery thriller, with a touch of romance, moves at a cracking pace and is very entertaining. The characters are interesting without being caricatures, the exotic dancer with a backbone of iron, the security man who realises that he could never be a real cop, and the creepy casino manager who fears his father more than anything else.

Added to the mix is the megalomaniacal magician who uses everyone and who truly believes his black magic will take him to the very top of the Las Vegas heap. The story has a touch of the supernatural and humor to finish things off.

At one point, Lucky wakes up in the middle of the desert. The ghost of his dead friend, Charlie Vega, is there with him and when it turns out that the former head of security has been dumped in Red Rock, Vega expresses excitement by saying that he’d always wanted to visit that area when he was alive.

Cynthia Vespia has taken the Las Vegas setting of Lucky Sevens and made it into a page turning and addictive tale of “Sin City” as told by the non-celeb residents of the town. Painting the place as a separate character all too ready to gobble up the losers who cannot navigate the place safely or wisely. The book can be purchased as an eBook or in paperback and is an entertaining tale that the reader can bet on.

By Michael Smith


Lucky Sevens

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