Miley Cyrus’ VMA Date Returns Home to Police?

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus’ VMA date is returning home but it could be to police. Jesse Helt was spotted at the airport heading towards Oregon, but at the same time the police were heading towards a home allegedly belonging to his mother. The 22-year-old is wanted for drugs charges.

Helt stole the MTV VMAs last week after receiving Cyrus’ award. Reports later emerged that she auditioned people for the role, but that does still not take away the message that was received. There are many young homeless people in America and the 21-year-old singer wants to do something about that. She wants her fans to do something about that.

It seems that her pick of homeless youths may lead to the young man’s arrest. However, he would have known the risk by getting up on the stage in front of hundreds in the audience and millions watching from home. There was bound to be someone who would recognize him from the Oregon arrest warrant.

Helt allegedly wanted to return home to visit his mom, and the Wrecking Ball singer paid for that plane ticket home. While he did not look worried in photographs of him at the airport, he would have known the risk he was taking. Maybe he was finally accepting his fate of being placed behind bars for up to six months. It seems as though Cyrus’ VMA date knowingly returned home to police.

The homeless youth has an outstanding warrant from 2011. He had run-ins with the law the year before that and was placed on probation. When he failed to meet the terms stipulated in his probation, a warrant for his arrest was placed and then he fled his hometown.

Just after his appearance at the VMAs, he called his mother to tell her all about it. It is possible that the police were onto his identity then and knew that there was a chance he would return home.

However, police are still yet to arrest him. According to reports, they expected him to return home on Monday. They arrived at his mother’s house to find that he had not reached his destination yet. According to ABC his mother states that he would be flying home later yesterday evening and it certainly seems as though that happened judging by photographs. It was already confirmed that police would arrest him if he was found and caught.

The Can’t Be Tamed singer has been disappointed with the way the story has been handled. She shared a tweet showing her disappointment that Helt’s criminal past and possibly arrest has been reported rather than the issue of homelessness in the United States. She hoped that him appearing at the VMAs would be the start of a conversation about how to handle the terrible situation and bring an end to it. There are 1.6 million youths reported to be homeless around the country.

The former Disney star seems to defend her VMA date’s difficult past. In another tweet, she acknowledged that homeless youths live difficult lives, but is that really an excuse for breaking the law and evading arrest? Cyrus has not spoken out about her VMA date returning home, possibly to police.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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