Miley Cyrus VMA Seat May Cause Two Possible Cat Fights

miley Cyrus Nicki Minaj Katy Perry VMAsThe MTV video music awards (VMAs) will be airing on Aug. 24 at 9/8C and even though last year at the event everyone was talking about happened on stage, this year it could very well be what happens in the audience with Miley Cyrus that is going to have everyone waiting for two possible cat fights.

That’s right, the seating arrangements for the 2014 VMAs have been released and it has some asking the question, “Who would put those two so close together?” However, someone has done it and now Miley Cyrus is sitting one seat away to the right of none other than Nicki Minaj and the eyebrow raising does not stop there.

No one could forget that last year’s VMAs exploded all because of the hot, steamy and twerking duet between Cyrus and Robin Thicke. Though Cyrus is not performing this year, which is no surprise to many, nor is the Wrecking Ball singer even presenting at this year’s award show but the fact that she is coming at all has fans jumping up and down. When news was released that Cyrus was sitting just one seat away from Nicki Minaj, things got more interesting.

Minaj has released a new song and video called Anaconda and it has gone viral on YouTube in just a couple of days with over 25 million views. Surely the number of views is not because the song is awesome, because it is not, but more of an homage to Minaj’s junk trunk. Minaj’s Anaconda album cover has also been the topic of conversation and parody.

The cover has Minaj squatted down in blue sneakers with her butt exposed. Wearing only a tiny pink thong and pink work out top, Minaj’s booty swallows up that thong like an anaconda would its prey.

Cyrus sent out not only one but two versions of the Minaj Anaconda album cover; one with Cyrus looking like she does now and another with the caption “Hannah Conda” also taking a shot at Disney and the series that started it all for the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, Hanna Montana. Surprisingly enough is that neither of the doctored photos had Cyrus with her infamous tongue hanging out, which was a pleasant surprise and a shock to many whom have seen it.

Not only will it be interesting to see how Minaj and Cyrus react to one another being so close but on Cyrus’s right, one seat away will be Katy Perry. Now the VMA seating arrangements have created not one but two possible cat fights with Cyrus.

The Perry and Cyrus feud began back when Katy Perry showed up at Cyrus’s Bangerz Tour where she gave a friendly kiss to her singing colleague and Cyrus wanted a deeper kiss. Perry however turned her head and pulled away, later stating, “God knows where that tongue has been.”

Those in glass houses should never throw stones and it did not take long for Cyrus to fire back with taking a shot at Perry’s ex at the time, womanizer John Mayor. Cyrus tweeted out that Perry should be glad that Mayor is now her ex because everybody knows where he has been.

The VMAs have always been a good night of television with viewers never knowing what could happen but this year there is even more of a chance for explosive TV. With Cyrus sitting between Minaj and Perry, it is possible that two cat fights could emerge and fans will be tuning in on Sunday at 9/8C to find out if it does.

Opinion By Derik L. Bradshaw


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