Morocco Travel: Unusual Places to Visit in Marrakech [Videos]


When traveling to exotic Marrakech in Morocco, the gateway to the north of Africa, there are many fascinating places to visit and unusual things to do along the way. Here are some rather different options that are worth taking in during a vacation in these exotic climes.

The dead tree sculptures of New Town Marrakech

Visiting cities like Marrakech can be exciting indeed, with the spectacular architecture, the atmosphere in the narrow streets and the colorful and bustling souks, or markets, of the town.

However, if shopping in the souks of Marrakech is not of interest, the city has unusual attractions, definitely worth passing the time of day.

The first is an area where the trees have become a natural art gallery, each different, all fascinating to view. It seems that a man named Moulayhafid Taqouraite, along with a bunch of fellow artists, saw an opportunity to make their mark on the city on a tree-lined street.

The dead tree sculptures of New Town Marrakech

They proceeded to paint, carve or burn a fascinating series of varied art into the tall Eucalyptus trees lining the streets in New Town, Marrakech.

While some might criticize what they see as an attack on the trees, when viewing this artwork, the criticism tends to go away.

The trees and their sometimes elegant, and always interesting, artwork are an item of fascination, sometimes dubbed the “dead tree sculptures.”

The video below gives a tour of the art on several of these fascinating trees.

When thinking of travel in and around Morocco, more unusual places to visit in Marrakech come to mind, including the ancient and interesting Miara Cemetery. Dating back to the 16th century and still in use to this day, this is the largest Jewish cemetery in Morocco.

The Miara Jewish Cemetery in Marrakech, Morocco

On top of this, the surrounding area in Marrakech has the highest concentration of Jewish pilgrimage sites in the country, despite the fact that the Marrakech Jewish population numbers less than 200 people these days.

The Miara Cemetery consists of three sections, including one for the men, another for women and yet another for young children. Many of the headstones date back 200 years and in some cases, the inscriptions on them are barely readable these days.

Along the perimeter of the cemetery are several mausoleums which belong to rabbis.

The video below offers a tour of the cemetery.

Another great spot to spend an hour or so is the Jardin Majorelle, one of the most popular sites in Marrakech. This enchanting and magical garden was designed and created by the French painter Jacques Majorelle and it brightens the very heart of the city.

Jardin Majorelle, Marrakech

On a hot Moroccan day, what could be better than a walk down a shady pathway among exotic and beautiful plants, passing streams and pools with birdsong among the leaves, followed by a visit to the Berber Museum.

Housed in a colorful, deep blue building, the museum contains a painting studio which was designed for Majorelle by Paul Sinoir back in 1931 and on view within the building can be seen the personal art collections of Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint-Laurent.

Follow up the visit with a delicious mint tea in the café on site. A photographic slideshow in video form of this delightful garden is included below.

This is an introduction into just some of the attractions of this city.  There are many more fascinating places to see and unusual things to do on a travel jaunt through Morocco and  Marrakech.

By Anne Sewell


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