Mother Didn’t Know 8-Year-Old Son Was Dead Upstairs for Days [Video]

Mother Didn't Know 8-Year-Old Son Was Upstairs Dead Four DaysThe mother of an eight-year-old boy did not know her child was dead until she smelled a horrible odor coming from an upstairs bedroom. Kimberly Tutko said after smelling what she thought was a dead mouse she asked her husband about the odor. Her husband, Jarrod Tutko, went upstairs and returned with the deceased body of their son Jarrod Jr. Jarrod laid the boy, who was wrapped in a sheet, on the bathroom floor. The mother said after seeing his decomposed body she realized he had been dead for days.

Jarrod confessed to his wife their son had died four days earlier. The father said he was afraid to say anything to her about it because of the other children in the home. Kimberly immediately called 911 and police arrived to the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania home located at 2119 North Green Street around 8:50 p.m. Upon arrival to the Tutko’s home law enforcement quickly requested the assistance of city detectives and forensics as well as the Dauphin County Coroner’s Office. Colin Cleary, city police captain said,

It is an ongoing investigation at this point, we do have a deceased child, and that is really all I can release.Mother Didn't Know 8-Year-Old Son Was Upstairs Dead Four Days

Kimberly understands that people will find it hard to believe that her son had died and she did not know it. The couple has a total of six children under 13-years-old; most of them suffer from serious medical conditions. She explained Jarrod Jr. was severely mentally disabled and was kept on the third floor of their home. His primary caretaker was his father because one of their other children who requires around the clock care. Jarrod took care of their son and she cares for the daughter.

Their daughter has autism and is in a vegetative state. She has a collapsed lung, is blind and requires a feeding tube. The child is confined to hospital bed located on the second floor of the home. Kimberly said her daughter relies totally on her.

Jarrod Jr. was also diagnosed with autism, failure to thrive and Fragile X Syndrome, according to his mother. Fragile X is a genetic defect which causes intellectual disability including learning and behavioral challenges. Kimberly said her son was difficult to control. He would smear his feces on the walls and floor and would refuse to wear a diaper. In addition, Jarrod Jr. would rip up the carpeting and flooring in his bedroom. Loud noise agitated him so he did not attend school.

The couple’s remaining children were given to the county children and youth specialist pending further investigation according to Ed Marsico, Dauphin County District Attorney. Marsico added,

Police are in the process of interviewing family members and working with Dauphin County Children and Youth Services to determine exactly what happened. It is certainly suspicious, but what caused the death will await the autopsy which will likely take place this week.

Jarrod Jr., an eight-year-old boy, was dead in the home four days before his mother knew he was gone. She did not know her son was dead until she questioned a horrible odor coming from an upstairs bedroom. Jarrod Sr. said he was afraid to tell his wife their son was dead. Jarrod was charged with concealing the death of a child, endangering the welfare of children and abuse of a corpse. His bail was set at $500,000 and he is being held in Dauphin County Prison. Kimberly, the boy’s mother, has not been charged.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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