NASCAR Super Late Model Races at LVMS Feature 14 Year Old Rising Star

NASCAR Chris Trickle
The Las Vegas Motor Speedway (LVMS) hosted a Labor Day weekend special event featuring several races in NASCAR categories ranging from the Bombers to Legend Cars. In the Super Late Model series race, 14-year-old Chris Trickle debuted his No. 70 car to a crowd of supporters. Quite arguably the most loved driver at LVMS,  Trickle raced well in his first ever late model race, competing with other drivers that have just as much experience as he has candles on his cake. Chris started racing go-karts at the age of 5, continuing his climb through the ranks. He raced previously in Bandoleros, and Legends cars. This year he has taken another step into the NASCAR Super Late Models, where he has proven that he is in it to win. He has a storied history at the LVMS, but his name appears destined to be known by a much larger audience before  long.

At age 8, Trickle moved up from go-karts to the Bandolero class, racing at the LVMS Bullring. His rookie year, he took the Bullring Bandolero Bandit championship. With a ranking of first in the state of Nevada and fifth in the nation, he burst onto the NASCAR scene, giving notice that he was not to be ignored. After finishing  in second place for the next two years of racing in the Bandoleros, Trickle moved up to the Legend Cars Series. His first feature race in his Legend car came in 2013 on May 4. He finished that year second in points at the Bullring, and ranked 12th in the nation. He will be  continuing to showcase his driving  prowess for the rest of this season, putting his new Late Model Series car through its paces at various west-coast tracks as well. This weekend’s debut was just the beginning for this 14-year-old who is already a 9-year racing veteran.

Qualifying 5th to start, his car was obviously performing well for him. Early on the first few laps Chris was there fighting with the leaders proving that he deserved to be there. He handled the car with more skill than most drivers twice his age, with maybe just a bit too much brake on the corners but a control of the car that was impressive. By halfway, he was comfortable flirting with 4th place and making progress. Being his first race he appeared a little cautious but still fast. With 10 laps to go, Chris started fading between turns two and three,  falling behind for most of a lap. The glow of his front rotors gave the fans warning that Chris was fighting more with the car than with the other drivers on the track. Coming around to turn one, though, he was able to get himself back into the mix and made his run for position. Despite his issues with the brakes, however, he rallied to a 6th place finish overall. His performance gives a fair warning to everyone present that he is not only here to stay, but on a trajectory for much bigger and better things in his NASCAR career.

Commentary By Jim Malone


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