NFL Wants Performers to Pay to Play at Super Bowl Halftime Show


The NFL reportedly wants performers to pay to play at the infamous Super Bowl halftime show. Many celebrities have shared their dislike for the idea, considering the amount of money the National Football League makes.

According to reports, the halftime show is commonly used for stars to launch a new tour or album. If it does not do that, it at least puts their songs and albums back in the spotlight. When The Who played, it introduced a number of younger people to the music and lead to an increase in sales. The NFL argues that this is extra money that was only gained because of the chance to perform at the Super Bowl.

While that may be the case, the Super Bowl also benefits from the halftime performers. Last year, many argued that the only thing that kept them entertained during the game was the idea that Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers were going to perform together. It was a performance that so many people were excited to see, despite the boring one-sided football game.

Most years, the number of viewers on TV increase when it comes to the halftime show. There are some who purposely watch just for that and then turn off the game. They want to see the spectacular performances, the new costumes and to see whether someone is going to mess up on stage.

So, is it right that the NFL should make performers to pay to play at the Super Bowl half-time show? Without the performers, the half-time show could end up being a major let-down for viewers, and could lead to only the die-hard football fans tuning in. Yes, there are plenty of fans like that but it would still lead to a big decrease in numbers. Would the networks that show the Super Bowl around the world want something like that to happen?

While there are some performers who only use the stage as a launch for an upcoming tour, others use it because they want to share their music with the fans. There are some who simply want to say that they did it; that they got to play at the Super Bowl halftime show.

It seems that those in the music industry are not happy with the idea, and rightly so. Katy Perry and Coldplay are on the list of potential artists for this season’s Super Bowl but may be mulling over their options considering the recent financial revelations. It is worth noting that the artists are not paid for their time to perform on the stage. They are paid through exposure, so why should anyone else get to take any of that money?

Rather than get annoyed, some artists have sent joke letters to the NFL to offer their “support.” You Me At Six has reportedly offered millions to play at the event but on certain conditions. For example, for $40 million the game will need to be played with English Football rules. In other words, the British band wants to see soccer on the field for the entertainment value.

The reports are still in their early stages and there has not yet been any confirmation from the league owners themselves. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out, as the artists are not likely to let this slide easily. It surely cannot be right that the NFL was performers to pay to play at the Super Bowl halftime show.

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