Nintendo Rises and Readies Under Spotlight


Nintendo has been under a fair bit of pressure this generation, and now looks to use their acquired spotlight to rise and ready themselves for the holiday season. Their current buzz does not entirely come under the best circumstances, though, as a part has to do with their association to the late Robin Williams. A statement released has expressed their love for the Williams family and responded to a fan petition to have Williams inserted into an upcoming game in some way by saying the timing was not right as of now.

As Nintendo announced their new version of the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online for Apple devices, their stock on the Tokyo market jumped up 4 percent, leaving their overall price down 16 percent on the year. This jump also happened on the heels of announcing that Mario Kart 8 had become only the second Wii U game to pass the 1 million units sold threshold in America, even as the global sales number well over 2 million.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game has been available on browsers for years, but this marks the first time it, or any other major Nintendo properties, has gone mobile. Card packs bought in store have digital codes within, allowing anyone to enter that code within the Trading Card Game and have those cards become available for deck building. There will also be that option within the game itself, bypassing physical stores and code entries for instant cards at a small fee. The Pokemon Trading Card Game Online is slated for iPad release before the end of 2014.

Nintendo, while under this spotlight, is using every stage to attract their rising fan base by readying their biggest draws. Gamescom, historically, is an event in which the Japanese company does not hold a press conference or reveal much of anything besides gameplay demos for the floor to experience. This year was no different, but when Gamescom officials took an exit poll asking people who had come to the show which game they wanted the most out of all showcased, it was Super Smash Bros. that topped the list. As one of their most popular franchises, Super Smash Bros. will be the fourth iteration since the original debuted on the Nintendo 64 home console. The game has a simple fighting concept, but uses popular gaming characters such as Mario and Captain Falcon as well as a unique fighting system to set itself apart. The upcoming version of Smash Brothers will be available for the 3DS portable as well as the Wii U and will feature various other licensed characters such as Pac-Man, Mega Man, and Sonic the Hedgehog within the current roster of 37 combatants.

The spotlight Nintendo is under is giving rise to the readiness Gamescom patrons felt towards having Super Smash Bros. in their hands. One of the few announcements the company made at the conference was a 3DS bundle that had Smash Brothers pre-installed and a custom skin on the outside shell. That bundle is coming to the UK only for now and will be coming out Oct. 3 with pre-orders available on Amazon. Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS is out on that same date in the west while the Wii U version has yet to have a date announced, but is rumored to have a late November window.

By Myles Gann


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