Polish Couple Falls to Death After Apparently Taking Selfies

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Polish Couple Falls to Death After Apparently Taking Selfies

A Polish couple, who were visiting Portugal, fell to their deaths on Saturday after they were apparently attempting to take selfies with their two children at the Cabo Da Roca cliffs. The family was in the process of taking photographs of themselves as they toured the cliffs near the western coast of the country. The two parents unexpectedly tripped and both plummeted into the Atlantic Ocean, media reports have stated.

Police investigators stated that a rescue team was sent out on Sunday to recover their bodies. The search had to be suspended on Saturday because of poor weather. For an individual to fall from a cliff while taking a picture is an especially tragic, shocking event but this shows the growing trend of people being easily distracted by various digital devices.

The United States Department of Transportation has been aggressive in their campaign against texting while driving. They launched an initiative just this year against sidetracked driving. In the movement, the DOT cited as a portion of the initiative, estimates that stated cell phone distractions had related to car crashes had killed nearly 3,330 people and injured over 421,000 in 2012. Another study performed in 2013 showed that if a person looked at and touched a phone, the chance of an automobile accident increased nearly three times.

If a person looks through Instagram and uses the hashtag #drivingselfie, he or she will be able to discover numerous different photographs of individuals having done just that. Even though there may be a few examples of the more accountable driver who actually had a passenger take the shot while the driver kept his or her eyes on the road, that may not be a true selfie but so what?

As for the deceased couple, they apparently were not paying close enough attention to their surrounding while they were walking. Rescue workers attempted to look for each of them on Saturday but they had to stop the search due to weather conditions.

The police think the couple may have been hindered in their sightseeing as well due to the bad weather. The two children were unhurt. Their ages were listed at being 5 and 6.  However the rescue team was able to return to the scene on Sunday and pull the two bodies from the ocean.

The two young children have been put in the care of Polish diplomats and have started going through various psychological evaluations to see how they are doing.

It is believed that young drivers also seem to check various social media sites while they should have their eyes on the road and the distraction can draw a young drivers attention span away by an average of 20 seconds. That is nearly five seconds longer than even taking a selfie.

So what this really is saying is that anything that can draw a person’s attention away from what he or she is doing, whether they be driving or standing on the edge of cliff, it should be known that it can put the person at risk. It means that even something that seems commonplace can become deadly in only a second or two. The key is to always be aware of what is going on and try not to be distracted.

The Polish couple, who were visiting Portugal, fell to their deaths on Saturday because they allowed themselves to get distracted and were probably in weather that required extra special attention, especially for being on a cliff.

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