Pope Francis Hints at Death in Papacy Speech

Pope Francis

Pope Francis has hinted at his death in a recent Papacy speech. This is the first time he has mentioned the chance that he will die in the near future, and the news will come as a shock to many. Whenever he has spoken about his health in the past, he has only mentioned nerve problems.

During the speech, the Argentine pope admitted that he may only have two or three years left in the position. He specifically spoke about moving onto the House of God, which suggests that he has been informed of a short amount of time left. The 77-year-old also mentioned that he would step down if his health became an issue for his duties.

Pope Francis was called to the position after his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI resigned. He was the first pope since 1294 to resign. All others have died in their position and it was thought convention and expected for Benedict to do the same thing. However, he decided that his own health problems prevented him from carrying out all of his own duties, and believed that someone else would be better taking his place.

There were suggestions shortly after Pope Benedict’s resignation that there were other reasons for the decision. Some believed that it was due to scandals that surround him and the Papacy at the time. However, considering his age, his physical and mental health were certainly realistic probabilities. He has taken a step back from the public since, which would also suggest his health is deteriorating.

Pope Francis’ election quickly overshadowed his predecessor stepping down, but now the 77-year-old had hinted at his death during his Papacy speech. He mentioned how he often thought about his sins to avoid becoming too proud. He may not have long, and he would like to do the best he can in this position.

The Argentine pope has needed treatment for nerve problems in the past. He has never fully disclosed his medical problems or any other health-related matters with the public; focusing solely on his duties. He has become an inspiration for many to see that he puts his duties and faith first.

However, medical issues are a concern. While some theologians may not agree, the decision to retire may be the best option if they do continue. It is important for Catholics that the pope is able to carry out all of his duties.

It has not been an easy 24 hours for him, though. He spoke about three family members dying in a vehicle accident in Argentina. The pope’s nephew Emanuel Bergoglio was involved in a car accident with wife Carmona Valeria and their two children. Mrs. Bergoglio and one son, eight-month-old Jose, died at the scene, while two-year-old son Antonio died at the hospital. Mr. Bergoglio is currently in a medically induced coma in intensive care.

The speech about his own death was a day before this accident. It was nothing planned and more of a response to the growing popularity he is seeing across the world. However, it was a sombre note as Pope Francis hinted at his death during the Papacy speech.

By Alexandria Ingham


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