Positive Singles Enjoy Healthy Relationships

Positive Singles Enjoy Healthy Relationships

Singles celebrate healthy and wholesome relationships on PositiveSingles.com. This online STD dating site understands the ability to establish and maintain healthy relationships are the most important factor in how we navigate every area of life. Life is all about relationships; success in life comes from initiating connections with the right people and then fortifying the relationship by being authentic.

PositiveSingles.com allows people to be authentic with their current diagnosis while finding satisfying relationships. These relationships may not always lead to a partnership in terms of marriage but many have found life-long friends just by joining.

It should not be a revelation that people who tend to have few or no friends are often diagnosed with depression. Studies have proven that loneliness is more detrimental to your mental well-being than a diagnosis is to physical illnesses. No one should aim to live life alone; humanity was not designed to be an island of all one. Relationships are essential; people do not exist in life without them.

Relationships are more than a simple acquaintance. A good relationship is reflected by a solid and rewarding connection. As stated previously, people with the most meaningful relationships also tend to also the most fulfilled. If the relationship, which may simply be a strong friendship, is not adequate it will not bring any distinct value to either party.

This connection can be casual, sexual, intellectual, romantic or emotional depending on the nature of the relationship. There is a certain connection felt when people interact with a relationship worthy of their time and energy. This can only happen when both parties value authenticity; this is vital. When people believe they must get the approval of others they are not being true to themselves and therefore are not honoring their authentic self.

This is one of the biggest struggles of people once they have been diagnosed with an STD. The embarrassment and shame make it more difficult to enjoy the freedom of being who they are, complete with the diagnosis. In turn, they find it hard to establish wholesome and healthy relationships. Positive Singles allows people who desire freedom to just be “true to who they are.”

The autonomy to be authentic is one common quality that all people with fulfilling relationships have. In life it is a privilege to experience the liberty to engage others in a genuine and comfortable matter, free from excuses for who they are. With authenticity, you can easily interact with others, express yourself and simply unveil the relationships that are meant to be. This is the reason PositiveSingles.com was created.

However, authenticity is not an overnight process. It takes time for most people to get comfortable in their own skin even without an STD diagnosis. Any type of medical diagnosis can complicate the process of becoming secure in oneself. To accomplish this means they have gone through the process of identifying their strengths and are in touch with their weakness. Simply stated, authentic people are just real.

Authentic people take life day-by-day and moment-by-moment. They understand that life must be lived and experienced one situation at a time. With or without an STD diagnosis nothing is more important than this very moment. Sites like Positive Singles make each moment easier as members learn to embrace all of what makes them who they are.

Once a person finds out they have tested positive for a STD their ability to find satisfying and worthy relationships does not have to end. PositiveSingles.com has provided several testimonials for people who have connected with other who have been diagnosed with HIV, herpes and other STDS. This site has been deemed the largest, most trusted and completely anonymous online site for people with all types of STDs. PositiveSingles.com has members in the United States, Canada, Europe, UK and Australia.

PositiveSingles.com is an exclusive community of warm-hearted singles and friends who have tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease or infection. Not only can people find information about STDs and medical treatments but they can also meet new friends, potential spouses or life-long partners.

If privacy is a concern on the path toward becoming authentic, this online community understands and cares. No one is required to submit any information they are not ready to share. All information remains private and anonymous until the user is ready to open up and take things further. PositiveSingles is open to anyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race or religion. It is a landing pad where people celebrate the ability to be authentic in spite of their diagnosis while enjoying healthy relationships.

Opinion By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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