Texas Parents Sue Day Care After Toddler Is Allegedly Duct-Taped to Mat


Texas parents have decided to sue a day care facility after their toddler was allegedly duct-taped to a mat. The employees reportedly could not get the young boy to sleep, and believed tying him down would help. He was covered in a blanket and photographic evidence was taken.

This will be a worrying situation for many parents with young children. Many already worry about how children are cared for behind closed doors. There are horror stories on a regular basis, but this has to be one of the worst cases if it is true.

Brad and Krist Galbraith decided that they needed to make the disturbing situation known. They are suing Heart2Heart Montessori Academy for $1 million for negligence and fraud. According to reports, the employee accused of duct-taping their son to the mat no longer works for the academy, but that does not excuse the facility from allowing it to happen in the first place.

The Texas couple’s son was not the only child taped to the mat. Another child was allegedly involved, again because he or she (currently undisclosed) would not sleep when it was naptime.

The parents found out about the situation by the former employee. She reportedly sent the photo to the parents to tell them what she had to do. While it may have been to demonstrate that their child was not sweet and innocent during his sessions, it has led to serious backlash on the day care facility.

Texas parents are now suing the day care after the toddler was allegedly duct-taped to the mat. Those in charge are working with the officials to find out how this could be allowed.

It is a scary thought for many parents, and not just those who have children at Heart2Heart Montessori Academy. Once the children are behind closed doors, there is little knowledge of how they are being cared for. Most facilities will have some sort of handover procedure to explain everything that the child has done, including number of diapers changes and food eaten. However, there is a worrying feeling that the employees can say anything and leave out important details.

Many parents have decided that their children will no longer attend the academy after this incident. This is not the only alleged complaint. Some parents complain that their children are not given appropriate amounts of water, just so that staff will not need to change diapers too often. Some parents have reported that children have to queue up and have a few seconds to take a couple of sips of water just twice a day.

The parents involved in the duct-taping incident are not just angry, but feel guilty. There is a feeling that they subjected their son to this. They chose the day care facility and have no idea how long this has been going on for since he started.

The family lawyer explained that this is not acceptable behavior from any care facility. The Texas parents are suing the day care facility for allegedly duct-taping their toddler to a mat at naptime to help raise awareness that this type of thing can happen.

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