The Strain Occultation: Total Eclipse of New York (Recap and Review)

The Strain Occultation: Total Eclipse of New York (Recap and Review)

The Strain Occultation: Total Eclipse of New York (Recap and Review)

After last week’s episode, where Abraham remembered his original “introduction” to the master at the Nazi death camps, this week in The Strain Occultation: New York undergoes a total eclipse of the sun while the Master’s plan of spreading the parasite gains momentum. Before the sun disappears behind the moon, the FBI go to Eph’s house and it’s apparent that his old CDC boss is in league with Thomas Eichorst and wants Goodweather out of the way.

After the agents leave, Eph comes home and tells Kelly to take Zach up to Vermont and out of the city as it is not safe. While warning his estranged wife, her boyfriend Matt calls the FBI and they return to arrest Eph in front of his son.

Matt’s actions upset not only Zach but Kelly as well. They have a heated discussion about his place in the relationship and neither are very happy as they go off to their separate jobs.

Abraham goes to a house of a passenger and when he discovers a group of vampires in the basement, he almost dies when his heart reacts to the stress and he drops his medication on the floor. The vampiric strain is spreading quickly and it looks like the older man may not live long enough to stop it.

After Setrakian’s narrow escape, Jim Kent calls Nora to tell her that Eph had been arrested by the FBI. She then packs a bag for herself and her mother and the two flee the house while someone presses the buzzer on her front door.

Gus finds out that he still works for Eichorst whether he wants to or not. His latest job is to collect a dead body from a refrigeration unit and dispose of it. The man who takes him to the body, is Jim Kent. The Strain Occultation: gains momentum while New York prepares to experience a total eclipse of the sun.

Gus and his friend get a good look at the cadaver that they must get rid of and later, Gus’s partner in body disposal is infected by a vampire during the eclipse. When he goes to help, the police arrest them both for “killing” the vampire.

Vassily Fet goes to his office and finds it deserted at first. As he explores a bit further, he discovers that his boss and another co-worker have been turned into vampires. After being attacked by his former employer, Fet kills the creature by exposing him to the sunlight. After dispatching the now infected secretary, Vassily goes to warn his parents to leave the city.

Dr. Goodweather talks the two federal agents into taking him where the bodies are hidden. On their way, the three come into contact with the vampire that Gus will soon take care of and the two FBI men are dispatched by the creature allowing Eph the means to escape.

Kelly is stressed about Matt and Eph’s instructions to her about heading up to Vermont with Zach. Eph goes to Abraham’s pawnshop and joins forces with the older vampire hunter and Matt looks certain to become a vampire victim when he approaches two “men” who have apparently injured a colleague.

By the end of The Strain Occultation, the total eclipse of New York has ended. Much more is revealed about Vassily the exterminator and Nora reunites with Eph and Setrakian explains to the couple that he has a new plan. Things look to be escalating dramatically and it surely will not be long before the exterminator joins forces with Eph, Nora and Abraham.

By Michael Smith