Undiplomatic Murder by Donald Bain Latest Capital Crimes Novel [Review]

Undiplomatic Murder

Undiplomatic Murder (Tor/Forge) by Donald Bain is the latest in the Capital Crimes series of mystery/thriller novels begun by the late and great author, Margaret Truman. In Undiplomatic Murder, the second novel in the Capital Crimes series written by Bain (co-author of the Murder She Wrote novels, with Jessica Fletcher), 51-year-old State Department security detective Robert Brixton experiences the agony of loss firsthand of losing his daughter to the bomb of a terrorist, right in the city of Washington, D.C.

Robert Brixton, who originally appeared in Monument to Murder, one of the last novels in the series that Truman wrote, joins forces with regulars Mac Smith and Anabel in Undiplomatic Murder to get to the bottom of who was responsible when his daughter, Jennifer, dies when a terrorist suicide bomber blows herself up in a Washington, D.C. restaurant where Brixton had been having lunch with her.  Undiplomatic Murder

There was a young man who was with the Arabic woman who was the suicide bomber when she entered the restaurant. Robert Brixton believes he is the person behind the brutal attack which left his daughter and 16 others dead and scores more injured. Brixton tries to subdue the man, who he believes is a conspirator in the bombing, in the restaurant. He punches the man in the face, breaking his nose. Brixton follows the man into an alley and, hearing noises behind a Dumpster, he asks for whoever it is behind it to come out. The young man comes out from behind the Dumpster, with what Brixton believes is a gun in his hand. Brixton shoots the young man in the forehead, killing him.

Then, the police arrive, and at first they think that Robert Brixton was possibly involved in the bombing. When he tells one of the cops that he shot and killed a man, that does not make him look any better in their eyes. Brixton passes out with thoughts of his daughter and what he could have done any differently in his head and he is taken in an ambulance to a local hospital to be treated.

In the hospital, Robert Brixton is informed that the young man he shot was actually Paul Skaggs, 22, the son of the powerful Congressman Skaggs. Also, the glint that was in the young man’s hand was not, Brixton is told, a gun, but was “a cell phone in a silver case.”

Brixton finds himself temporarily denied grieving as much as he would like to for this daughter, as he must bring the terrorist ring behind the coldblooded bombing to justice. That is the only way he can clear his name and avenge the tragic death of his daughter.

Robert Brixton finds himself uncovering an international conspiracy involving ruthless arms dealers and anti-U.S. terrorists. The trail Brixton follows leads all the way from Pakistan to Hawaii. Brixton discovers that a small but powerful cabal has the goal of killing embassy workers from nations involved in the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Undiplomatic Murder by Donald Bain is a great, dynamic, fast-paced addition to the Capital Crimes series begun by Margaret Truman. It stays true to the characters that Truman first brought to life and continues her legacy of writing suspenseful, pulse-pounding novels that are difficult to put down. Check it out today!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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