Amber Rose Addresses Cheating Rumors While Settling $1 Million Prenup



Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa are officially done. The couple called it quits earlier this week after the blonde bombshell filed divorced papers on Sept. 22. However, the reason behind the severance is becoming increasingly difficult to decipher as both parties have been plagued by constant cheating rumors in the media. The affectionate couple was often photographed kissing and cuddling at award shows and red carpet events, making their split seem rather abrupt. Nonetheless, Rose stands to benefit financially from what will be one of the more highly publicized breakups in entertainment this year. According to reports, Rose signed a $1 million prenuptial agreement with Khalifa prior to getting married. The model is settling with the agreement because she is likely to be granted less from a judge in court.

Rose and Khalifa were married for just 14 months before the model cited “irreconcilable difference” as the cause for the divorce. The omission of adultery on Rose’s court documents combined with the totality of circumstances since news of the split went public, has helped to fuel speculation that the curvaceous entertainer may have been cheating on her husband. There has also been a great deal of rumors that Rose decided to leave because of her husband’s infidelity. There are conflicting stories surrounding the circumferences of how the pair’s relationship came to a halt but, Rose attempted to clear up some of the cheating rumors by addressing fans on social media.

The socialite posted on Twitter regarding rumors that she cheated on here spouse. Rose cited that people should stop putting out false stories about her infidelity because she would “never cheat” on her “husband in a million years”. Most notably she all but alluded to Khalifa’s cheating. The model barely let the  public draw their conclusions when she stated that Khalifa, unfortunately, can not say that he would never cheat on her. Recent reports may shed some light on what the rapper’s role was in the divorce. Various sources have alleged that Khalifa left his wife, weeks before she filed for divorce and was living in a newly purchased home. Apparently the Black and Yellow rapper has nothing against his soon to be ex-wife, but simply did not want to continue a marriage with her.

According to the most recent reports, Rose showed up at Khalifa’s new residence unannounced and found him keeping the company of another women. Following the incident, an irate Rose decided to seek a divorce. The Pittsburgh rapper, though, feels that he is not guilty of cheating since he already decided to leave her and end their marriage. There has been no confirmation but many have suggested Khalifa has slept with groupies while on his tours, and Rose was unwilling to tolerate this type of behavior.

The model may have dealt with a more difficult backlash of cheating rumors than her soon to be ex-husband. After scoring a deal with comedian and television host, Nick Cannon to become her manager, the public has questioned the nature of their relationship. A deal was struck between the two shortly before the announcement of Rose and Khalifa’s divorce. Many have speculated that Rose has not only been carrying on an affair with Cannon but that he is the primary reason behind her broken marriage. Cannon’s camp has adamantly denied these reports, as he is embattled in a heavily rumored divorced and custody battle himself with Mariah Carey. Rose has an infant son with Khalifa, named Sebastian Taylor Thomaz and she is seeking full custody, which will likely be contested by her husband. However, with $1 million likely heading her way after just over a year of marriage things should be all Roses for Amber and her young son.

By Brandon Wright

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