Apple Watch–Is It the Next Big Thing or a Waste of Time?

Apple Watch--Is It the Next Big Thing or a Waste of Time

Apple unveiled its eagerly anticipated smart watch this week, but it was met with a lukewarm reception. Is the Apple Watch the next big thing or could it be just a big waste of time for the tech giant? While great in theory, smart watches might not find a gold mine market for themselves, say some commentators. One of the major reasons why the new tech device received a less than enthusiastic response from fans yesterday was due to its lack of practical use. The fairly high price point did not help the matter either. So what does Apple’s new gadget have to offer?

The most basic use of the Apple watch is to check up on notifications without having to pull out a phone every time. This can be handy since the iPhone 6 sports a 4.7 inch screen while the Plus version has a 5.5 inch screen. There is also a slew of apps which have been introduced in the Apple Watch including iMessages, Health, Weather and more. The most notable one is the inclusion of Passbook which now has Apple Pay included in it. Taking cues from other watches, Apple also has included health and other sensors to augment the working of its apps without the need of the iPhone.

The inclusion of a few, well thought out applications, however, did not seal the deal with some customers as being better than other smart watches like the Galaxy Gear. However, Apple, following its tradition of presenting technology in an awesome package, made sure the design and UI were given a great deal of attention.

Some of the features include: A 2.5 inch rectangular screen which comes along with a knob called the digital crown and a button and casing of custom alloy that makes the Apple Watch durable for everyday use. Those who buy the Apple Watch edition will have the casing alloy mixed with 18-karat rose or yellow gold, giving it a premium look.

Reflecting back to the original iPhone, the easy to use interface of iOS was a big seller. Now, the digital crown is inspired by the knobs used for correcting time in traditional watches. The difference is, instead of setting time, it allows the user to select applications, browse photos or zoom into a location in Apple Maps, all with a twist of the crown.

A lot of users think this is pretty neat, and innovative use of traditional devices is where Apple receives its laurels. The button below the digital crown allows the wearer to access his or her friends and contact them. The watch also allows the user to share his or her heartbeat with someone, which could end up being a life-saving feature, especially for cardiac patients who may need emergency care.

All this being said, will the Apple Watch achieve a significant breakthrough in the sector where other tech giants have failed? Perhaps. The features and design are no doubt stunning, say fans, when combined with its personalization services like Apple Watch Faces and innovative use of traditional tools.

Some day it fulfills Apple’s promise of a new gadget and is a culmination of the company’s 10 years of experience in mobile technology. However, it is expected to come with a steep price tag of $350. While Apple products have been notorious for their premiums, justifying $350 for a notification checking fitness gadget is going to be slightly tough for a significant number of buyers.

However, the Cupertino-based giant is known to have pulled off such tasks at ease with its other devices. Apple fans who are wondering if the Apple Watch will be the next big thing in wearable gadgets or just a big waste of time are opting to wait before deciding whether it is going to be a sell-out.

By: Rebecca Savastio



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