Ariana Grande Sings in Chris Brown Video [Video]

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande sings in the latest video from Chris Brown, Don’t Be Gone Too Long, which the rapper directed. The song will appear on his upcoming album, X, due out on Tuesday, September 16, though singer Ariana Grande will not be on that version. Check out the amazing video below after reading the article, please!

In the video, there are knights on horseback, an illicit love between two star-crossed lovers –played by Ariana Grande, 21, and Chris Brown, naturally — a cool-looking castle where Chris Brown, 25, gets imprisoned in a dungeon and Grande doing her best ballet moves, including splits! The romance between Breezy’s character and that of Ariana Grande’s seems to be very real, like they are lovers. Oh, yeah — the song is very good, also.

The video of Don’t Be Gone Too Long debuted Saturday, September 13. If it is any indication of what the rest of Brown’s album, X, will be like, it will be a very, very good album, indeed.

In a Twitter post, Chris Brown wrote he wanted this video to be “something different,” and it definitely is something different. It seems to have brought out the medieval romantic in the rapper, with knights on horseback breaking up his romantic tryst with Ariana Grande’s character. Grande’s character appears to be a member of the royal family, by how she is treated in comparison to Brown. She is captured by the knights, who reportedly are in the employ of an evil king who dabbles in magic.

As to how the ballet moves that Ariana Grande does relates to the plot of the video, who knows? But, they are pretty cool, and add to the dream-like nature of it. Whether or not they make sense to the plot is kind of beside the point. Chris Brown shows off a lot of very good hip-hop dance moves, himself, even pulling off a flip.

Chris Brown and Ariana Grande have done great videos before, but this latest one of Don’t Be Gone Too Long might be the sexiest and most dream-like of all of them, so far. They worked together shooting the video all the way back in February, 2014, when Ariana Grande posted a photo of her with Chris Brown as they rehearsed for the video.

The release of the collaborative video Ariana Grande did with Chris Brown was delayed when Brown was sentenced to jail. The end result was well worth the wait and will probably earn the pair several awards at upcoming music awards shows.

Chris Brown has had his share of run-ins with the law before, but he is one of today’s top creative forces in hip-hop and the world of music, in general. Ariana Grande is one of the hottest young singers around, as well, adding her immense talents to Don’t Be Gone Too Long. Even without the vocals of Ariana Grande gracing the album’s version of this song, X is likely to be a very big selling record for Chris Brown, who keeps proving he can get it done.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Chris Brown and Ariana Grande singing Don’t Be Gone Too Long/Courtesy YouTube, Chris Brown and Ariana Grande

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