Bad Weather for Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day, unless it included bad weather for the holiday weekend. Though some may like the early fall season type of weather, others may have found it a bit dampening to such events as the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament, any outdoor music festival, and even a trip to the beach. Bad weather arrived for much of the Northeast just in time to add some wet weather to the three-day weekend.

The Weather Channel reported that torrential rain and thunderstorms appeared on Sunday and caused lightning to strike three men at a New York City beach. Meanwhile, music festivals, including the Electronic Zoo Festival, were postponed or cancelled, and a national tennis tournament was delayed due to the heavy rain. Dozens of flights were also delayed as severe weather caused one flight to be cancelled from the New York metropolitan area.

Usually Labor Day weekend is for “fun in the sun,” but weather moving across the entire Northeastern region of the U.S. put a damper on outdoor activities as trees and power lines were reported down. The National Weather Service (NWS) had stated this kind of damage may have eve been due to a possible tornado occurring in Worcester, Massachusetts. NWS also reported wind damage and flash flooding occurring in East Orange, New Jersey.

In Philadelphia, a concert called the Made in America Music Festival was scheduled to take place. The Boston Globe reported organizers had attendees evacuate the festival for their safety at least until the bad weather subsided. The Globe also stated some concert goers ended up in a facility a mile away and were hoping to still be able to catch such acts as Pharrell Williams and Kings of Leon.

NBC News reported the “unofficial end to summer” known for happening after Labor Day Weekend ended with severely wet and windy conditions, even in parts of the Midwest. NBC News stated parts of the Lower Mississippi Valley had flooded and caused water to strand several cars near Lake Charles, Louisiana. Though the report stated hail was deemed possible in certain areas, there were no official reports stating it had occurred.

Besides being affiliated with a social rule of not wearing white after the holiday weekend, Labor Day is celebrated for its tribute to American workers. Though reported the U.S. Department of Labor’s definition of Labor Day as a “national tribute to to the contributions workers have made,” the website also stated how it was enacted into Congress to became a federal holiday.

Starting on September 5, 1882, a parade was formed to bring attention to horrid working conditions. Though many believed the parade would not attract a lot of attendance by workers, Linda Stinson of the Dept. of Labor stated about 10,000 workers ended up showing up. Eventually some states recognized the day as a holiday until Congress declared it a national holiday.

Though bad weather rarely dampens festivities for Labor Day Weekend, it seems this year was an exception for the Northeast. Though the weather may have been due to an unusual dip in the jet-stream which caused events to be postponed, the weekend must still go on whether people are indoors or outdoors. At least some people may be more aware of the reason for the Labor Day holiday rather than just the celebration of it.

By Liz Pimentel


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